May 11, 2018

Dates to Remember

Wednesday, May 16-18: Grade 3 MAP Testing 

Tuesday, May 22: Buddha’s Birthday – no school

Thursday, May 24: Field trip to Live Zero and Grassroots Pantry

Friday, May 25:  Student Showcase

Friday May 25: Final Fun in the Forum

Come on out and be a part of the PA Department’s last Friday Fun in the Forum of the school year on Friday, May 25 from 11:10am-11:35am in the Forum. If you’d like to participate, please fill in the sign up form with your details. All participants must donate $20 to perform with proceeds going to the DDD charity sponsored that week.

Laptops in Grade 4

Dear Parents,

The 1:1 Laptop information session that took place in the Library on Monday went very well. Thank you very much for the feedback and questions.

We would like to remind you to purchase your child’s MacBook for next year before May 31st.  Should have any questions, please contact Ms. Fung at or contact OneDoor directly.

Thank you!


Our new unit of inquiry is underway. Early in the week the children considered these questions about key ideas in the unit: what does the word economy mean, what systems does CDNIS use, and where do the products that you use come from? This helped them realize they have a lot of prior knowledge that can be built upon as we move forward.

Next, the students excitedly read the packaging labels on items that were purchased in Hong Kong. They observed that many of the products came from other countries and continents. This began a discussion about how they arrived here and wonderings about the many steps involved in the making and selling of products. Photographs of crops being picked by hand, shipping containers, retail stores, a free range chicken farm, etc. are helping children tune into this concept further.

Also connected to the unit was a presentation on Thursday afternoon by a guest speaker from Grass Roots Pantry. She spoke about ways in which her restaurant sources out unprocessed, sustainable, and organic ingredients. She explained that they dispose of their garbage in an environmentally friendly manner to lessen the impact on landfills.

The fractions unit in math is drawing to a close with the children applying their understanding to real life situations. They have been describing our day to day activities with fractions, e.g. the fraction of our class that is at school today, the fraction of the boys or girls that is eating school lunch, the fraction of students in different houses, etc.

The Make Create Collaborate event was today and the students had a lovely time exploring the activities. A few of their favorites were disassembling electronic devices, finger knitting, shadow puppets, and making a harmonica with elastic bands. I wonder if this will inspire any creating this weekend?

Lastly, we finally finished the class read aloud of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. The children seemed relieved to know everything worked out but also a little sad to say good-bye to their favorite characters. Thankfully, they are quickly becoming connected to the Popper family and ‘Captain Cook’ the penguin in our new read aloud Mr. Popper’s Penquins!