April 13

Dates to Remember

Monday, April 16-Wednesday, April 18: Grade 3 Camp

Friday, April 27: Student Led Learning Reviews. No regular classes students.

Friday, May 4: 3D Assembly from 1:40-2:20 p.m.


Camp is only 3 days away and the children are excited. They have asked many questions and, surprisingly, most of them have been about the logistics of the Camp rather than the actual activities. For example, they have wondered about the length of the bus/ferry ride, the time they’ll go to bed, and where they’ll eat. I’m looking forward to the reflections they’ll do when we return. I imagine the children will be feeling confident and proud of themselves. Please look for an email from me that shares some reminders about Camp.

The students began a transdisciplinary ‘energy expert’ project connected to our unit of inquiry. This involves working with a partner and selecting 2 energy sources to research through books and videos, making a graph comparing the pros and cons of each energy source, and explaining which one they believe is better for the planet. They have been so involved in this they kept asking when we would be working on it next!

The fractions math unit continues with students showing parts of sets and parts of wholes with manipulatives and through drawings. They are extending their thinking by reflecting on questions such as:

-can one half be bigger than one fourth? Explain.

-what number(s) are difficult to share equally? Explain your thinking.

-Dad said he wanted the bigger half of the sandwich. Is it possible to have a bigger half?

As usual, the students also looked forward to Chinese, Performing Arts, PE, and Library. They were really excited that swimming started!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.