March 10

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, March 13: Grade 3 Spotlights Performance in the LLAC at 1:00 pm

Monday, March 19: Dentist visit for some students. Please bring your toothbrush.

Thursday, March 22: Grade 3 Camp Parent Information Session, 6:00-7:00 pm.

Thursday, March 29: Last day of school before the holiday

Friday, March 30-Sunday, April 8: School holiday

Monday, April 9: School Resumes


The Grade 3 Spotlights performance is next Tuesday so this week the students were busy with rehearsals. The culture group performances are exciting to watch and the final song, sung by 126 students, is dynamic. Please look for an email from me about last minute information about the show.

The measurement unit is moving along. The students practiced their estimating skills with a new game, estimated how many times they would need to walk up and down our hallway to walk 1km, and started measuring the perimeter of objects. The Mathletics game that practices multiplication, Multiverse, is so popular students opted to play it during a rainy day indoor recess!

During their Library period the students were introduced to a new app called ‘Epic’. This gives them access to a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books. The children were so engrossed with their reading that the class sped by. This app is only available on campus but if you would like to subscribe, please email me and I will forward you the discount code.

The unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, concluded this week with the students creating a piece of art that expresses themselves. These were uploaded to their ifolios earlier in the week so I hope you’ve had an opportunity to see them. Some children created dioramas which are displayed around the room and others paintings and drawings which we have on our wall. We start our new unit about Sharing the Planet next week.