February 8, 2018

Dates to Remember

Tuesday, February 27: Students return to school

Friday, March 2: Chinese New Year Fair

Friday, March 2: Chinese New Year Concert, 12:00-1:00 pm

Tuesday, March 13: Grade 3 Spotlights Performance in the LLAC at 1:00 pm

Monday, March 19: Dentist visit for some students

Thursday, March 22: Grade 3 Camp Information Evening, 6:00-7:00 in the Library Pit


What a surprise it was yesterday to find out that school was closing five days early! Ms Swaran and I were disappointed because there were so many interesting things we were planning on doing but many of them can be rescheduled for after the holiday including the Chinese New Year Fair and Assembly.

During this short week, the students once again participated in the Performing Arts rotations. They carved Maori inspired designs into soap, learned about Peruvian folk dancing and the Nazca lines, created street art and Canadian Northwest Aboriginal style art and discussed elements of photography. The Spotlights rehearsals are well underway and the children are humming their songs while they work.

The children are enjoying reading and listening to poems about dragons, dinosaurs, and the silly antics of imaginary kids at school. They are consolidating their understanding of similes and Cinquain poetry and have written several of their own. Some students are even writing free verse poems. Here is a small selection:

Chinese New Year

Fireworks, Happiness

Biscuits, Mooncakes, Family Reunion



Big, Small

Interesting, Educating, Inspiring

Books make people laugh



Interesting, Active

Relaxing, Motivating, Hitting

OMG! What a shot!



Ice as white as snow

Cold as the North Pole

Extremely slippery

I am as hard-working as a bee

I am as fast as a zebra

I am as clever as a fox

I am as calm as a house

I am as nice as a tamed dog


Skilled, Evil

Agile, Daring, Ghostly

Death and destruction in his wake

Dark Wizard


Feathers, Fluffy

Interesting, Pecking, Staring

Scary weird chicken eyes



Furious as a tiger

Interesting as a firework

Red as Blood

Exploding like bomb


Fun, Exciting

Energizing, Mind-blowing, Eye-popping

Notch created games #Minecraft

Video Games


As shiny as glass

As hard as rock

As blue as the sky

As bright as the sun

Lastly, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday. I’ll look forward to seeing you when school starts again. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year!