January 12, 2018

Dates to Remember

Thursday, January 18: Faust Performance for Grade 3

Thursday, January 18: Learning Conversations/Reviews after school

Friday, January 19: Learning Conversations/Reviews during the day. No regular school for students.

Monday, January 22: 3D Dental visits from 9:30-10:50

Thursday, January 25: Sports Day

Friday, January 26: Dress Down Day, theme to be announced

Learning Conversations/Reviews

Next Thursday and Friday, we have our Lower School Learning Conversations/Reviews. I hope you have all signed up for a meeting time. It will be a great opportunity to share and celebrate your child’s learning to date and to work towards goals that may have been set in progress reports.

In preparation for the Learning Review, your child took home a letter and a bit of home learning for you, the parents. Please take some time to carefully read and reflect on the progress report. Then share some glows and grows on the piece of paper. This should be returned to me by Tuesday, so that we are all ready for the Learning Reviews on Thursday and Friday.

I look forward to meeting up again!

From Ms. Benusa

Backstage Crew Applications for Seussical Jr.

Applications are now open to be a part of the Backstage Crew for Seussical Jr.! The Backstage Crew has many jobs ranging from technical support, heavy lifting of sets or keeping materials and people organized behind the scenes. For more information on this opportunity and how to apply check out the LS Musical blog here.


Our current unit of inquiry wrapped up this week with two very exciting activities. One was a presentation on Wednesday in which Mr. Wong How Man and Dr. Bleish described their explorations in China, Tibet, and Myanmar. The children were fascinated by their stories of being chased by a wild bull yak, drinking from the source of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, and their efforts to bring the public’s awareness to the plights of the Golden Monkey, Tibetan Antelope, and Irrawaddy Dolphin. The presentation included several videos, created by local high school students, that promoted the conservation of these species. One of the teachers’ favourite parts was when Wong How Man said, “Show me a three-year old, and I’ll show you an explorer.”

The second activity was an independent inquiry project. The students selected an explorer and conducted research online to locate information about their background and discoveries. They then drew conclusions about the impact of these discoveries and people’s perspectives about them. The children decided on the best way to share their findings with friends. The posters, books, and models were very informative.

Both of these unit of inquiry learning engagements required the students to use many Literacy skills including viewing and presenting, speaking and listening, reading comprehension, and writing. Their writing skills are really developing and the children are writing their thoughts more quickly and thoroughly than earlier in the year. I am also noticing that they are using more specific vocabulary and including a lot more end punctuation. Great work, Grade 3!