April 26, 2019

First week back after Spring Break – here’s what happened in 5B this week!

Dear Parents,

Welcome back from spring break! Students returned to school with renewed energy and optimism for the final stretch of school before their 5th Grade year comes to a close. This week, students resumed their personal inquiry research on the time period/event/civilization, worked on their historical fiction story planning, and continued with patterning and algebra in math.

For their personal inquiry research, students are using the Cornell or Brick-Road method of sketchnoting to record findings from their research. Students are answering the questions related to the key concepts of form, causation and connection. Looking at the significant events from that time period under the concept form and causation, and examining how the events had an impact on the course of events in history under connection. Students will be completing their research by next Monday, and then will be putting it altogether using a google slides presentation or poster board.

The other aspect of the students’ summative is writing their historical fiction picture books. We are finishing up with the planning stages of writing the book – this includes drawing up a story map, building characterization and sequencing the main events of their story. These are skills they have been learning to apply through our guided reading sessions, and as a class through our class read-aloud book “The Night Diary”.

Students will be presenting their research on Monday May 6th and 7th. They will also have the option of presenting their research to you during the Student Led Learning Reviews on Friday May 3rd. This is encouraged, as it will give the students a chance to practice and for you to offer them feedback on how they did!

Speaking of the Student Led Learning Reviews – just a few reminders…

  • Here is the letter that has been sent out to you via FLASH on April 1st about the SLLRs

  • The online portal for parents to sign up for SLLRs closes TODAY at 4 PM. If you need to make any changes to the SLLRs, please contact me.

Performing Arts SLLR

To provide an authentic learning experience in the performing arts during Prep to Grade 5 studentled learning reviews,  students are invited to bring their parents to their performing arts classroom. There, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of hands-on learning engagements in music, dance and drama.  Sessions will be on a drop-in basis only. No appointments necessary.

Ms. Benusa (Grades 1, 2, 3) – LLAC 816

Mrs. Butler (Grades 4, 5, 6)  – LLAC 613

Ms. Saunders (Prep, Dance Grades 1-6)  – LLAC 815

 Some other reminders:

  • MAP testing on May 8th, May 14th, May 17th

  • May 10th DDD – Crazy Hair Day

  • May 24th DDD – Place I love day (to celebrate world cultural day)


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