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November 23, 2017

Camp Packing List

Dear Outward Bound Campers and Parents, Here is the most updated camp packing list made up by the teachers and checked by Outward Bound. I’m sending it home tomorrow with each child and they’ve all had a briefing by teachers and Outward Bound instructors today so many questions have been answered. Please note that although the list says a […]

November 17, 2017

What happened in 6A this week?

This week, students have been involved in a number of initiatives, from learning more about the economy, to going on a number different field trip to observe what is happening around Hong Kong. Let’s look at all of this in more detail. For our current unit, Where we are in place and time, students began the week […]

November 10, 2017

What have the 6A “Apps” been up to this week?!

Can you believe this is the 12th week of school…already?! Time is sure moving fast. This week, the 6A Apps began their first week of our third unit of inquiry – Where we are in place and time.  The central idea for this unit is ‘Throughout time economic activities have impacted local and global communities’. So […]

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