Week 34: 14th-18th May 2018

IMPORTANT DATES AND REMINDERS: Tuesday, May 22: Public Holiday – Buddha’s Birthday May Dress Down Day – Friday, May 25 Str [...]

Week 33: 7th-11th May

  HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL OF YOU  THIS WEEK: Please check out HWEO parent overview and math memo in those links or go to the P [...]

Week 31 and 32: 23rd April- 4th May 2018

IMPORTANT DATES:  Friday 25th May: Friday Fun in the Forum (FFF). This will the the last FFF of the school year. During the 31st week, we [...]

Week 30: 16th-20th April

Photos from last week have been added to the previous blog post. Thank you for your patience. Message from CISPA: Labelling To facilitate fi [...]

Week 29: 9th-13th April 2018

Photos from Chinese Assembly Photos of Students Exploring Parallel Lines THIS WEEK: The students were touched and impressed by many biograph [...]

Week 28: 26th-29th March

NOTE:  We are looking for people who can share and talk to us about individuals that have made an impact on people lives. We are eager to h [...]

Week 27: 19th-23rd March

NOTES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS NOTE FROM MS. ASHLEY BENUSA:    Student Showcases – Calling all performers! We are looking for talented Pr [...]

week 26: 12th-19th March

IMPORTANT DATES AND REMINDERS CISPA – Book Swaps CISPA Book Swaps are back this month! Bring in your old books to trade for ano [...]

Week 25: March 5th-9th

THIS WEEK:  The Nitrogen and the Carbon Cycles have been the focus of our week. We have reviewed the Nitrogen cycle and discussed why it is [...]

Week 24: 27th February- 2nd March

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR It’s so good to be back to school after the long holiday. I was happy to see that by midweek all 2E students re [...]

Week 23: 5th-9th February

Keep learning at Home! With the abrupt beginning to our Chinese New Year break, we have put together a variety of resources and learning eng [...]

Week 22: 29th January-2nd February 2017

IMPORTANT DATES AND REMINDERS Message from our counsellor, Ms. Shelly Chutke “I want my child to be happy” The wish and reality [...]

Week 21: 22nd Jan-26th Jan 2017

IMPORTANT DATES AND REMINDERS Wednesday 31st January: I Believe in Unicorns (HKAPA) we leave school at 8:30 and return by 11:30. Friday 2nd [...]

Week 20: 15th- 19th January 2018

REMINDERS AND IMPORTANT DATES:  PE classes resumed in the beginning of last week. 2E Field Trip to Evergreen Republic– Friday 2nd F [...]

Week 19: 8th-12th January 2018

IMPORTANT DATES AND REMINDERS: 18th and 19th January: Learning Reviews We are looking forward to seeing you all with your children at your a [...]

Week 18: 2nd-5th Jan 2018

WELCOME BACK AND HAPPY NEW YEAR NOTES:  Progress Reports At 4:00pm on Friday, the semester one progress reports were made available online. [...]

Week 16: 4th-8th December 2017

IMPORTANT DATES AND REMINDERS:  2E Christmas Party: Monday 11th December 8:00-9:00 Christmas sing Along: Tuesday 12th December from 8:00am- [...]

Week 15: 27th Nov.- 1st Dec.2017

2E’s TRADER’S MARKET Our class will be having a trader’s market on Monday, December 4th. Students were asked to bring appr [...]

Week 14: 20th -24th November 2017

DATES AND REMINDERS: “Let’s Talk About Mindfulness”- Parent morning- Please add to your blogs. “Let’s Talk Abo [...]

Week 13: 13th-17th November 2017

DATES AND REMINDERS Tuesday, November 21st: PreRec – Prep Parent Workshop “Kelso’s and Resilience” (8:00-9:00am LLAC [...]
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