Student initiative this week

This week’s blog is attached below.

This week in 5E:

Literacy/UOI Persuasive writing about our issues final writing

Math inquiry/measurement linear and non linear measurements—->Big idea questions: Area and Perimeter

Math design challenge—>Ideate and creating prototypes—>Buddy interview and empathise

UOI: How we organise ourselves—-Looking at our TwoPresents inquiry—->Research with groups about charity organisation

UOI STP presentation and infographics

Next week:

Math —>Measurement: Volume, Time and linear measures—->Design challenge —-> Connections to the central idea

Literacy/ Persuasive writing on issues final draft

UOI/HWOO: Looking at our lines of inquiry and using the design thinking model to create products for our clients at Two presents.


Donate books and old games for the Asbury Social Service Centre.

Christmas party December 13th—->Secret Santa gifts




5E blog

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How We Organise Ourselves Parent Overview













HWOO Parent Overview 2017-2018

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Asbury Methodist Social Services Trip-Blog Post

Asbury Methodist Social Services Field Trip

Grade 5 has an exciting trip planned to visit Asbury Methodist Social Services. Asbury works with 300+ families in different capacities. These families all live in subdivided homes that are around 150 square feet in size. We will be specifically visiting their homes  in Tsuen Wan. We have been looking at a range of social issues in Hong Kong and this trip will allow us to see how an organisation has responded to the needs of new immigrants.

What are some of the problems new immigrants are facing in Hong Kong? What are organisations like Asbury doing to help? What could we do to help? This field trip connects to our current unit of inquiry of How We Organise Ourselves. During our visit to the Ashbury Service centre students will have a chance to understand the function of an organisation and how all the parts work together to serve a purpose.

As part the visit, students will be learning about the needs of immigrant families from social workers at Asbury. Once we have learned about the organisation and the people it serves, the Asbury social workers will lead small groups of students with a parent volunteer or teacher to go to a market and buy some provisions for one of the families.

Asbury has found some families that are willing to open their homes to visitors. We will be delivering the supplies that we purchase to one of these families as part of our action. Students will see first-hand the living conditions of a family and be able to interact with them. It’s also a great chance for them to practice their Mandarin since the immigrant families are from mainland China.

We ask that parents send $20 with their child as a donation. The students will use this money to purchase the supplies at a market.

For more information about Asbury, you can visit

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Box of Hope

Blog Post

Hi 5E, This week we are the 5E bloggers Veronica, Calvin, Lauren and Kayla. We had an exciting week.

On Monday, 5E was working on mainly math and literacy. On Tuesday we had our Halloween party. We were all so excited when the parents were preparing the activities.

We did so many activities and everybody was so happy! We ate a lot of sweet stuff but some people got a little sugar high with all the sweets. For the halloween party we made slime, (well tried we to 🙂 After the party, we had free time, then we went to the halloween assembly in the forum.                        


In maths, we learned to make triangle puzzles with a partner to make a puzzle and the other team will solve it. After we solve it, Mr. Roberts will stick it up on the maths board and it doesn’t only make are classroom nicer, it even lets us practice our math. Everyone’s triangles have different sizes and we were all really into it.


Halloween was such fun. Everyone was dressing up in the classroom people were dressing up as cats, dead people, zombies, clowns.  The halloween party was a blast! There were a lot of snacks and everyone had a good time. A lot of people brought in a lot of snacks like cookies. The activities we did was candy grab and the donut grab. The candy grab was really fun because we got to use our mouths to jump up and grab the snake candy while competing with a friend.


On Tuesday we started book club, we made our plans with our group for the rest of the month, everyone was participating. We really are looking forward into the new books we are going to read.  


In literacy, we have been learning about persuasive writing where the main thing is to have PEEL  paragraphs and PEEL stands for point explain evidence and link. PEEL can help you when you only have limited time and you have to write 6 to 8 pages. This will help you when you have to write a lot .


On Thursday, we started learning proper and improper fractions. We had to be in partners and write on whiteboards about all we know about fractions. We learned how to convert mixed fractions into improper fractions.


Next week we have Passion projects presentations and now we have book club on every Tuesdays and Field Trips are coming up. Don’t forget to practice Mathletics. Make sure to hand in the home learning on Monday.


Hope you have an amazing weekend and we are looking forward to see you next Monday.


This week:

Box of Hope: please help out for a wonderful cause

Ashbury Field trip November 28th —–>Parent volunteers are needed in order to make this learning experience possible. Please email me if you are interested or respond on the field trip form when signed.

Math this week: Comparing and converting decimals to fractions

Literacy/UOI: Persuasive writing for a world issue/Annotating text

Inquiry: Presenting our issues in our own creative ways—>Infographics —> Reflection

Maker Friday’s:Please have students recycle anything they don’t need to bring in for our class maker space to have students create and iterate designs for upcoming project based activities.

5E Assembly :December 8th


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Learning experiences in 5E

This gallery contains 9 photos.

  Hello Parents and Teachers, Welcome to the 5E Eggheads Blog! This weeks writers are Victoria, Jessica, Elizabeth and Sarah. This week was exciting and fun, We talked about new knowledge we didn’t know before! Keep on reading to know … Continue reading

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Interesting week in 5E

This gallery contains 3 photos.

    Hi guys! we’re back with another blog post! This is Oliver, Karis, Sophie and Morning. In this blog post, we are going to talk about camping! Which occurred on October 11th – October 13th and others like math, … Continue reading

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Happy Mid- Autumn Festival from 5E Eggheads

This gallery contains 11 photos.

By: Declan, Ashley, Daniel and Kayla Pancake and Pyjama Day! Tomorrow is pancake and Pyjama Day, the whole grade is really excited to walk to school in our cozy pyjamas, carrying our stuffed and puffy animals, our hair messy and … Continue reading

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This Week’s 5E Blog


Our names are Veronica, Lauren, Calum and Joshua and we are the 5E bloggers for this week. This week was a long week.


Today, we are going to talk about our class life this week. This week is an exciting week because we had a lot of work to do.


We did a lot of things in math, we learned new things about decimals and we continued to finish the presentation about decimals, different people have different ideas so some people made posters and some people made google presentation. We recently  learned that when we make mistakes, our brains will grow and we will continue to learn more.


In dance, we learned to work as a team to make a group dance. Ms Saunders taught us the choreography and improvisation. We had to warm up in the beginning to make ourselves comfortable and to keep our body flowing to the music. Our favourite song was the “7th element chum drum drum” and panjabi mc mundian to bach ke. It was awesome!


For our unit of inquiry, we finally finished the unit ”How We Express Ourselves” So now we are learning the new unit ”Sharing The Planet”. We are tuning in by creating the central idea and writing info in our process journals. We are excited to start our new unit.


Every Tuesday we have visual arts and this time we learned how to sew our tie dye fabric with Ms T. In that  class we are learning and inquiring into Peace art like hippies, and the fun part was we could iron the clothes we made by ourselves. We are getting ready to show our wonderful parents our creation.


Also, every Tuesday and Friday we have book club where we get into groups and read a book then make an explanation about the book. We are starting new books this week too!


On Wednesday we had our class moms come in and talk about Peace day which is on September 21st and the 2 nice class moms brought the whole class 3 different types of plants. Our class named the 3 beautiful plants our wonderful class moms gave us.


Today, we had learning buddies. We got a chance to build and create something with our buddies using blue plastic crates. It was a great opportunity to work as a team.


Our learning buddies were very smart, they knew how to cooperate. They mean a lot to 5E and we are going to miss them a lot but we are happy to see them after the holidays.


This Friday is DDD day and your child has to pay $20 for charity. The topic is dressing up as you favourite book character. Next week is a busy week. On September 27th is pancake and pyjama day! So make sure your child wear pyjamas and if your child wishes to have pancakes for lunch, your child can. If your child already is school lunch, they will get the pancakes the same way they would get school lunch. If not, then they have to pay 37 dollars. Also, Next Thursday and Friday is the 3 way learning review for Grade 5. The last thing, the mid-term break is coming and it is starting on September 29th to October 9th. And on October 11 to October 13th is Camp!!!! I hope everyone is excited for Camp!

Camp info night from Wednesday September 20th

Please see attached our presentation in PDF format for your reference. Let us know if you can’t open it.

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Expression of Ideas

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Hello parents, this is 5E’s blog. I am Darren Leung, aka DL. This week’s blog writers are Brendon, Asrya, Elizabeth and me. We had help from Lauren, Jessica and Victoria. So keep reading and enjoy the blog:) Math: We have … Continue reading

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Second edition* 5E Eggheads blog

Hello, everybody!


Welcome to the second edition of the 5E blog post by 5E! This edition has been written by Shiv, Sophie, Karis, and Takdeer.  As in the last blog post, we will be writing about the different things we are doing in school like Math, PE ( Now Dance) UOI and more.



In Math, we have been measuring angles and shapes. Recently we have been creating collages with different triangles including scalene, isosceles and equilateral. When we were creating the triangle collages, we color coded the triangles so that we knew which were what types were which. After we made the collage, we measured the angels, scanned the collage and then put it into our red binder. Since we finished the collage, we started to talk about mixed numbers, decimals, fractions and percentages, and we looked at the different ways of identifying a number.



During UOI, we started our first unit HWEO, which stands for “How We Express Ourselves”. The central idea is: Communities can be built through the expression of ideas. Currently, we are doing another presentation. This time it was about our UOI homework, which is about finding a real life example of a person that express themselves.



This month instead of PE we have been doing dance class. We’re doing dance class with a teacher named Ms. Saunders. We’ve been doing a few warm up games recently, but our class had not started all the proper dancing yet. So far it has been fun. We have been pairing up in groups quite a bit and doing a lot of activities. In our games, we have had a lot of improvising when she says a height we would have to do a move with that height. In our second class we did dance routines one called tumble and the other one was called.It was very fun because we had to always roll on the ground during the tumble.We put together our routines and then did it all together.



We had learning buddies last week, and also this week! It was super fun; all of our buddies were as cute as ever. Last week we met them, we got to play on the playground with our companions… the best news yet!! This week, we got with our little buddies and created different objects with cardboard. People created stuff like birds, swords, shields, castles,masks, vehicles… and much more!



       In literacy, we had to do our summative writing about the 5E community. We had to answer: “What kind of community do you hope to have based on who you are and what you know about each other?” First, we had to list down notes, and then we plan out our plan. Next, we write down our draft#1 on paper. After, comes draft#2 which is on our computers. Soon enough, draft number 3 is here to shine!!! But before that… we have to let our peer/partner check. Now onto the final draft, with our teacher checking it just in case there is/are any mistakes!!!! Finally we can PUBLISH!!!!!


That is our awesome week in 5E!! 5E has lots of interesting trips/activities and we really want to share with you guys… We hope you enjoyed this blog post and look forward to you reading our next one.


Curriculum Night Monday September 11

International Library day- Tuesday, September 12

International Dress day- Dress in your traditional cultural clothing that represents your country! 

Camp info night September 20th 

Camp forms handed in by: Sept. 20th 

Home Learning Signed by parents




5E eggheads


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