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Math probability: Vicky

Transition day: Karis

Intro: Karis

Ending: Karis

Passion Projects: Daniel

Inquiry: Sarah

Literacy: Vicky



Hi and welcome back to another blog post. This week’s writers are Karis, Victoria, Sarah, and Daniel. Let’s get started and hope you enjoy!


Passion Projects:

We did a Passion Project and our parents came to see it. It was really interesting and fun. Some people were nervous but It was a time to


Math Probability:

This week, we were working on a probability game for our buddies. Since it’s almost the end of the year, we decided to do a party for our buddies. Mr Roberts decided to add some learning into it, so he decided to join the party with math. We partnered up and made a probability game for a carnival were are holding for our buddies. For example, me (vicky) and megan decided to do a game with lollipops.Each lollipop has a colour underneath the stick. Blue stands for a small prize, purple is for the medium prize and yellow is a big prize. It is more likely to get blue since there are 26 blues. That is our probability game but other people did other games like throw a ball, spin the wheel etc.



In Inquiry we’ve been creating our electronic toys. For most of the projects we used wires, batteries, motors and fans. Others are using different tools, but still electrical. We have to make this project for a reason, the reason could be, either for people with ADHD, any kind of disability,  entertaining kids, etc… We are going to share what we’ve made after we do one or two prototypes and submit it on Tuesday.


Transition day:

Since this week is the second last week of school, we had transition day. Transition day is when we visit classes about the grade above us. We’re all excited about 6th grade, some news things that are going to happen is camp, young americans, and pyp exhibition. We learnt about some new responsibilities we’ll have to commit to in grade 6. The teachers were really




As you may know we are still doing our historical fictions. We are supposed to finish it by monday so we can publish it to the library! Everybody is so excited to share their stories with other people who go to the library! The minimum for the stories is only 6 pages. Everybody is slowly finishing their stories, making book covers, stay tuned for books in the library made by us!



Next will be our last blog post of 5Egg heads! Go see the last bit!That’s it for now, stay tune for the final blog post! 😊


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5E Blog

This week we have done so much and have learned many new things! Audrey, Asrya, Declan and Megan would like to talk about what we’ve been doing in Math, Literacy, Physical Education, Performing Arts and Inquiry.


In Inquiry, we have been taking apart electrical toys, those electric parts will be used to create new toy (made by us) for family members and friends. When those electrical toys we brought from home were taken apart, we took a photo of it in a creative order and sent it to our laptops. Now, our task is to create a toy by ourselves. Some of us are creating for different types of people (boys and/or girls, kids who have ADHD, The hearing impaired, the blind etc.). We are working on our prototypes of our toys that are created and made by us! We used paint, fabric, wood, paper and many other materials to make the toy intriguing. We added details like the what age group is going to play with the toy, the purpose, is it useful and could be eco-friendly!


         In Math, we continued to learn how to collect, record and apply data. We also learned how to make different types of graphs using our data. These graphs include, the bar graph, the pie chart, the line graph, the . We think these graphs and charts really help visualise our data and findings more easily. We all learned how to easily record data. We used tally marks when collecting our data to help visualise easier. We also started learning probability too!   During class, we watched a video from “BrainPop” to learn more about probability and chance. We were given a couple of different scenarios and needed to answer them specifically and precise.


         In Physical Education ( PE ), we finished our Matball games in classes. We improved many useful skills during these Matball games. We improved skills such as cooperation, communication, integrity, risk-taker… We also improved physical skills such as throwing, catching, defending and blocking. This week, we did our Matball championships. There were 2 teams that qualified for the Matball Championship in 5E. The first team was the Chimichurri and the second team was the sun got in my eyes. The sun got in my eyes lost to the China Potatoes (5D), so they won’t go to the semifinals but the Chimichurri won against the no names so we will go to the semifinals. Chimichurri will be going against the Grapes in the semifinals.


In Literacy, we have been continuing on our novels, according the checklist, doing the cover and more. We can makeup our own info and the main genre is Realistic-Fiction! We spent months to be able to finish our minimum 6 page novel and when we’re done, we can choose to publish our novel in the library! This novel is about our inquiry into a time period. We have spent a lot of time and effort to write our novels.


Austria trip (Declan): This week I went to Austria for a soccer tournament and it was really fun, the plane ride was 13 hours so I slept for most of it. We arrived in Germany but than took a 2 hour drive to Austria and then we slept. Everyday we had one soccer match until the big tournament overall we played 20 or so matches the whole time. In the tournament we came 21st out of 50 but if we scored one more point we would be top 15. There was a outdoor swimming pool and a indoor swimming pool and we swam in both 3 times overall Austria was really fun.     

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Hi readers! This weeks blog is written by Oliver, Calum, Shiv and Jessica. Hope you enjoy learning about what we do in class.


For inquiry, we have been taking apart our electrical toys that we brought in about a week ago. Some brought in cars, and others brought in robots. After taking apart the toys, we have to fill in this sheet called “parts, purpose and complexities”. We use the data from the toys (like what parts there are and the purpose of it). With the parts taken apart from the toy, we organize it neatly, then take a picture, print it out, then glue it in our process journals. We are still working on it. Once we’re done with taking apart our electrical toys, we’ll start to make our own toys!


For PE, we have been playing matball and we have put together a “matball league”. Our “league” includes 5 teams that have 5 players each. The teams are: Oliver, Asrya, Ashley, Kayla and Audrey in Chimichurri. Sarah, Declan, Jessica, Vicky and Calum in The Sun Got In My Eyes. Brendon, Darren, Calvin, Veronica, Morning in The Black Death. Coco, Josh, Lauren, Shiv and Megan in Pickle Rick and Daniel, Takdeer, Karis, Sophie, Lizzie in Panthers.


We had science on Tuesday. We learned about circuits, specifically series circuits and parallel circuits. We tried to power a LED light with a lemon but it only worked with some groups. Afterwards, we had to make series and parallel circuits with lights, wires and batteries. One of the circuits had to work was like: if you unscrew one lightbulb the other one goes out which is a parallel circuit. A series circuit is when you unscrew 1 lightbulb but the other one stays on.


For math, we have been working on mean, median and mode. Mean is the average. You can  find it is see how many numbers there are like if there is this 1,3,4,6,1,4 there our 6 numbers and then you need to add them together once you find the sum which is 19 you have to divide it by 6 because that is how many numbers there are six so you have to divide it by six which is 2. How you find the median is like if you have 1,3,4,3,5 you need to cross out the out numbers to find very middle one. To find the mode you have to see which number appears most suppose the pattern is 1,1,1,3,4,4,5, the mode would be 1 because it appears the most.


What topic was most interesting to you? Hope you liked the post this week and stay tuned for the blog post next week!


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Hi readers! This weeks bloggers are Veronica, Coco, Kayla and Lauren. This week has been very exciting, hope you enjoy reading what 5E has done this week!


Coco- Inquiry   

Lauren- Passion Project  

Veronica- Literacy

Kayla – Math



Coco – Inquiry

During class this week, Mr. Roberts gave us a rods made from different materials. He also gave us 5 different materials. Using Friction ,we used different rods and rubbed it onto the 5 different materials. After doing that we needed to put the rod onto of these small pieces of paper to see if they would stick onto the rod. Some rods worked and some didn’t. We wrote all our findings onto a piece of paper and put how many pieces of paper it had stuck. It was really fun and If we had even more materials or rods that would be even better. 😀



              In coding for the past five weeks we have been making an app on App Inventor about math , this app is supposed to help kids  learn math. It has been difficult at some points as we just finished on Tuesday. There has been challenges so we usually use codes to design our app. We have also been testing our app on a tablet to see if our app is successful some people’s apps have been tried by other classmates and  after a few tries and more add ons we have shared our app with Ms.Fung to be checked. It has been very exciting!!!!


Lauren- Passion project

This week for passion projects we continued working on our topic, some people did bath bombs, fashion, photographing, sports, ballet……it was very fun to work on things that are our passion, we will be inviting parents to our classroom to see the presentations we have been working on. It was a great time to end the day because our last class was usually passion projects so everyone could have fun and relax.Everyone was very excited to be taking photos filming movies, making slides ……Everyone chose a very exciting topic, we had a lot of fun! We all can’t wait to see each other’s work, We hope you can come too!


Veronica- Literacy

This week, we were continuing on doing our stories. We really enjoy this period a lot because we can be creative on making our stories.I think that the class put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into their work. We had also made murals and character development sheets. The character development sheets are to talk about the different traits, how they act and just different things about the main character. There were a lot of  historical timelines and great stories. We were thinking of publishing our books and putting them into the school library.


Kayla – Math

In class we have been learning about mean, mode and median. The mean is the average of the numbers: a calculated “central” value of a set of numbers. To calculate: Just add up all the numbers, then divide by how many numbers there are.  The mode is the number which appears most often in a set of numbers. Example: in {6, 3, 9, 6, 6, 5, 9, 3} the Mode is 6 (it occurs most often). To find the Median, place the numbers you are given in value order and find the middle number. Example: find the Median of {13, 23, 11, 16, 15, 10, 26}. Put them in order: {10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 23, 26} The middle number is 15, so the median is 15. I feel like we were confused in the beginning but in the end we all understood.
This week has been very exciting! Next week we will be starting dance instead of P.A. Have a good weekend and hope you enjoy reading the blog!


Next week: Lower School Athletic awards Friday May 18th

Book Club Inference skills

Math Data Representation

Literacy Novel Historical Narrative piece

Dance is next week in PA

Deconstruction of Toys and Project



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How the World Works Parent Overview

Program overview HTWW 2017- 2018

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This week in 5E:

Math–>Time, estimated Time and Elapsed time

MAP testing for Math, Reading, Language

Literacy—->Developing our plot in our story, Working on writing our novel, weekly writing, Book Club

Inquiry–> Completed our scientific discoveries and shared it during a exhibition with 5C

A.S.O.T—-> Green week this week, Completed MAP Testing, S.L.L.R prep, Coding with Ms. Fung.

Things to do:

Students should bring in a Electrical toy to start our unit of Inquiry Monday!

Medical forms are due Monday!


Net week in 5E:

Math—-> Mathletics on time, Math concepts understanding time and word problems

Literacy—-> writer’s process and developing our writing skills, Conferences about writing, Book Club

Inquiry—-> Starting our new unit How The World Works, tuning in and finding out, experiments

A.S.O.T—->Passion Project, Medical forms, Friday Fun in the Forum and dress down day May 4th, Tuesday NO SCHOOL!



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Hi Everyone, this is the 5E blog. This week’s writers are Takdeer, Lauren, Calvin and Elizabeth. We hope you enjoy reading!


In literacy, we have been writing historical narratives. We have chosen important times in history to write about. We have created characters and wrote about the event in their point of view. We also created murals. The murals are where the story takes place. We have some people in our class that have already finished drawing the murals and they look amazing! 


In Inquiry we have been doing our scientific discoveries, for that we had to create a two page long minum length of text, and a creation or recreation of the scientific discovery, and very soon 5C will be commingto asses our work so that means that we have to work extra hard, but so far we are doing okay, on thursday Mr. roberts gave us these sheets where we are meant to mark others scientific discovery based on how much they worked on it and etc…. But this week was really fun!!!!!!!


In buddies, we learned to work as a team and cooperate with each other. Our task was to build a long water tube with only a few blocks and tubes, it was very hard to connect all these parts together, we used our hands and buckets to block the leaking water and make the water go down by tilting the tubes up and down. After that, it actually worked, but the teacher gave us a bigger challenge, she told us to make the water go down without even touching the tubes. It was very hard, we had to cheat a bit by holding the blocks and tubes, after that, we got to play in the playground! It was a great learning experience!


In math we did a math test about translations ,algebra and patterns. We had 4 periods to finish the test, thinking deeper and understanding the questions better, The test was very open ended. This week we have also been learning more about algebra  and patterns so we can do more practice.


We hope you enjoy reading! Stay tuned to see next week’s blog!     

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Blog Post

Intro- Mystery, Guess Who… Karis!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another blog post. This week’s writers are Sophie, Morning, Brendon, and Darren. This is the first week back from spring break and everyone is super excited (not really). In 2 weeks we have SLLRs (student led learning reviews) coming up; so parents, make sure you sign up! Anyways, let’s get into this week’s blog post…


Math- DL (Darren)

For math we have been learning coordinates which is when you locate a specific place. In class we have been creating our own shaped using coordinates which can be letters or numbers.We use a line graph to find which spot to mark or put the coordinates and connect the lines together to find the shape we are looking for.When using a line graph we write the alphabet or number in order, to find the y axis we put numbers on the side of the graph to know the height. We drew them out and found shapes or words. In math, we also played a game about coordinates and we had to put a marine animal in the right coordinates. We had a great time!

Inquiry- Morning

This week in inquiry we finished our presentations and we are about to start our inquiry into scientific discoveries during the time that we did on our presentations. We also had to type a document about why the creator invented the invention, how the invention was found and a whole other bunch of facts on the document, then present it to the class, for this assignment we can only work with ourselves or with 1 partner. Right now nobody is past the researching stage, but we have all decided on what invention we were going to inquiry into already. I hope the documentary’s will come along well!   


Literacy- Brendon

For literacy, we worked on our historical narrative writing and created our murals! The narrative writing genre was historical fiction, which meant we had to pick a specific period of time and write a story about it. The characters and the events could be made up. We had to paint our murals based on what our setting looked like. We worked really hard on them, and we got a lot done. The murals looked really good, and the writing was coming along nicely! It was really fun!


Coding- Sophie

This week we learnt how to make an app using the website called: Ms. Fung taught us the basics of making an app and gave us time to explore the website. Next, we got a task from Ms. Fung and it was to make an app… and the app was called Hello World. Although it sounded easy we still struggled to make the app. It’s where you click on a button and the sign “Hello World” appears. We learnt so much from this and it was such a good experience!


SLLR- Mystery, Guess Who… Karis!

This paragraph is going to be short, but if you want to know more; watch out for the next blog post! Anyway, so SLLRs are coming up, we are starting to prepare. If you don’t know, parents can sign up online!, 5E has been working really hard. Mr. Roberts gave us a planning sheets to help us, but most of us are finished. Well that’s all for now. Watch out for the next post for more information.


Screenagers- Karis & Sophie

On Thursday, we watch a movie called screenagers. If you haven’t watched it yet; it’s about teenagers that are addicted to screens. That’s probably why it’s called screenagers. This was a really important movie; the 5th graders (us) got to skip chinese. Which we all enjoyed; and middle school also came to watch this. This shows how serious this problem is. We think that the teachers wanted us to watch it because it’s a very educational “movie.” No, it does not teach us how to do math, nor writing. But what it does teach us is what harms the internet can do to us, how we can prevent getting harmed, and what impacts screens can do to us.


Ending- Sophie

5E really enjoyed this week! We all hope you learnt a bit more of what we were doing at school… if you want to know more, just keep on checking out our blog–we will be updating on the blog weekly 🙂 More activities are waiting for 5E… and we hope you can experience them with us!

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Spring Break Holiday

Intro: Vicky

Seussical: Karis

VR: Daniel

Inquiry: Sarah

Literacy: Vicky

Ending: Sarah


Welcome Back!
Today was a short week! We’re finally going on holiday! This week, we did lots of cleaning, organising and lots of working;because S.L.L.R’s are coming up! I hope parents are excited to see the amazing work we have been doing! This week’s blog writers are Victoria, Karis, Daniel and Sarah. I hope you enjoy the short, but exciting blog post!


After working really hard for months, the show is finally ready. This year, the topic is about an author and also a child motivator Doctor Seuss! Our actors have been really determined to perform a great show for the audience. We have combined some of the famous rhymes/songs that Doctor Seuss wrote in this musical. The show was a blast, all the tickets were sold and a lot of people enjoyed it.You gotta see it!


In Inquiry we’ve just started presenting our historical presentations, we have been working on the presentations for a few weeks now and we are finally presenting! Some of the topics are: Ice Age, World War 2, The Greek Empire, War of the Roses, Black Death and Roman Empire. Later on after the presentations (in one more day) we will start writing about them or other historical events that happened in the olden days, But we’ll finish that after the break!


We learnt about history and many other things with VR this week. For some people, it’s their first time and for others, they’ve done it few times or even a lot of times. I think we used VR because it would be more interesting looking around 360 degrees rather than writing or looking at pictures. Even though it makes us a bit dizzy but it’s worth it, we learnt a lot from this experience. We hope we could use it later again!


We did lots of writing this week! We first did a creative writing piece with the book “Three Years Eight Months” Many people changed it to make it so detailed, yet exciting story. We used the writing process and published it, many people loved it! Now, we are working on a creative novel! Since we did a presentation about historical ages, Mr Roberts decided to make a novel with all our research! We could choose any period of time and make a creative novel! It’s a great opportunity to show our writing and creative skills! Now, we are working on character descriptions. We first draw or print out a picture of our character in novel,Then we describe our character. After we do that, we’re going to make a mural of the period of time we’re doing it. Lots of creative painting and designing this week.  


That’s the end of the weekly blog post! I hope you enjoyed it! We had a great week and hope our Easter holiday rocks too! Thanks for reading!

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Historical Perspectives……Blog times

Welcome back to the 5Eggheads Blog!  


This week we will be talking about our experiences during Math, PA, Inquiry, Literacy and PE/Swimming too! We’ve learned so much together as a class. As the days have gone by, we have learned Algebra, Music, Survival Swimming and so much more! The blog writers this week are Audrey, Megan, Azzy, Oliver and Ashley.


In Math, we started learning about Algebra and continued learning about Patterns. We learned using multiple online games, Math booklets, Math sheets… Some of us thought it was harder than the rest of us. We learned using coordinates and how to use Y and X on a chart.  We were also given a math booklet that has more algebra and patterns.


In Inquiry, we worked on our presentations and on Monday we will present our presentations, we had to make a timeline about something that happened in history and if we wanted to we could make a slideshow, a iMovie or a play. Some examples of what people did their projects on are Ancient Egypt, The War of the Roses, Twin Holocaust, Roman empire, Trojan war, World War II, Black Death…


In Literacy, we learned about how a character looks at the scene/situation and what perspectives he/she has. We wrote a narrative about it, the book we read in order to do this was Three Years Eight Months. The book was about a family in Hong Kong going through The Japanese Occupation. In the narrative we could change the story and rewrite the storyline. It was very fun because it was a challenge to create a story based on only one page of the story! It gave us a lot of space and ideas to write creatively. When we wrote it was more fun than most writing pieces we normally do because it made us realise that we are much better writers than we really are, of course we still need some work but it has been quite an adventure writing this piece! The next writing piece is going to be a novel based off of the inquiries we have been doing in UOI.


In PA, we started our unit about body percussion and how we can use the sounds all around us to make music instead of just using traditional instruments like a guitar, violin, piano, etc. So, for the summative, we are going to make a song using everyday sounds or body language. So far, we’ve learned how to Hambone. A lot of us thought it was very difficult to Hambone, because it takes agility and fast reactions.  


In PE, we played and practised using a frisbee. We played Ultimate Frisbee. Mr. Wah taught us the 4 rules for throwing a frisbee. Number 1: Aim with your shoulder and feet. Number 2: Put your thumb on the top and the other fingers on the bottom and if it helps put you index finger on the side of the frisbee. Number 3: Don’t flick your wrist. Number 4: Stop your arm when it is straight and aim your arm where you want it to go. We did some contest and challenges and tried not to get stressed under a certain time limit. We had to cooperate with our team to get points.


During class time, we did Google Expedition. It is where you wear a VR headset and the guide chosen what you see in the topic. There are different expeditions, Black Death, Barbarian vs Roman and how animals see the world. We learned all the facts about what we were seeing in the VR headset. It was a fun experience and we will do it again on Tuesday.


Thank you for reading this weeks 5Eggheads blog post! Goodbye!

-Ashley, Megan, Audrey, Asrya, Oliver

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