TwoPresents Final products

As our designers have been working so diligently to complete a final product that meets the needs of their clientele,

TwoPresents provided deadlines, which the students may or may not have felt a bit of pressure to complete within the time given. As the products trickled in with some groups working like a well-oiled engine and others struggled to cooperate at times. Overall, the students were able to come together with a few innovative and creative products for the chosen charities. The feedback given from TwoPresents to the students gave the students a sense of understanding in the real world things change quickly. After receiving final feedback from the parents, students swiftly went to edit and submit their products to see if they could have a chance of possibly having their products used on the TwoPresents website and blog.

We had a final presentation from TwoPresents and they shared some of the finalists and other student work that was terrific but just needed a few more edits. Overall the students had a truly amazing experience. Our Grade 5 Team would like to thank TwoPresents and all involved in making this a meaningful experience for the students.

A message to the parents:

Thank you for subscribing to my website this year, as we are closing this academic year and getting ready for the new school term, I recommend you unsubscribe from my website so that you won’t receive updates intended for next year’s class.  Please follow these steps to unsubscribe to a teacher’s website. I highly recommend you subscribe to your child’s new teachers’ sites next school year.  

Thanks for your attention.

End of the year has been such an emotional but rewarding feeling knowing that all of us have grown in so many ways. I wish you all a happy holiday and best of luck to wherever you may go.

Warm regards,

Mr. Roberts A.K.A Mr. Bob

Reminder: Please don’t  forget to unsubscribe from the blog unless you still want to recieve updates of what 5E is up to next year 🙂

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5E Water fight tomorrow!!!

A message from our class mom:

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow the 5E Evee will take on the 5C Chimps and the 5B Bulldogs in a massive water fight. It should be great fun!
Here are a few things to note:
  • The kids should wear their PE uniform to school.
  • The children should bring a water gun or bucket or something to sling water with.
  • Please send in dry clothes, a towel and a plastic bag or similar for the children to bring their wet clothes home in.

If you have an ice cream scoop that you could lend, would you please label it and send it in with your child? I will send it home with your child, washed and ready, at the end of the day. The kids will be making ice cream sundaes, and  I have two scoops, but that will make for slow scooping!

Thank you!
Kind regards,
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Next week will be an exciting conclusion to our Passion Projects. We were able to share our passions with four different classes as well as parents. Passions included works of art, designs and prototypes, creations of all sorts and a variety of interesting research areas. We followed the inquiry model used during all our units of inquiry and the PYP Exhibition, so this was good chance for 5E students to practice how to inquire independently. Check out twitter to see some images of the kinds of passions being shared.

TwoPresents Challenge: Our challenge entered the ideating and prototype phase this week as each group started to create products for their specific charity. We are applying our creativity to design products using a range of media, including digital tools. We are all hoping our products will qualify to be put up on the TwoPresents online site.

We were also fortunate to have representatives from TwoPresents come to school and meet with all of the groups to give them some advice and feedback on their ideas for products. We thank them for taking the time! Next week, groups will have some more time to consult with TwoPresents representatives as they work to complete their products.

Shapes and Properties: This week we did some research on different 2D shapes and shared our learning with the class. Our goal was to learn more about shapes than we have ever known before. Looking at the structure of shapes, their angles and relationships between angles, and the sum of angles are just a few new understandings developed. We also found some significant uses for shapes in the world with some shapes like right triangles and rectangles. We also learned about circles this week: how to use a compass to draw them, the language of circles (diameter, radius and circumference) and the relationship between radius and diameter. Next week, we review the properties of 2D shapes and 3D shapes and create robots using 3D shapes.

End of Year Party: 5E will have its end-of-year party on Friday, June 2 after lunch. Next week, students in the class will plan some activities for the class, and then we will join 5B and 5C for a water fight. Class parents are organising ice cream in the classroom as well. Thank you parents for organising!!!

A message from a Grade 6 PYPX Exhibitor:

Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents,

Would you like to help human trafficking illegal in Hong Kong? During Exhibition My team and I have been working on this issue and we would like help to raise awareness for this. We interviewed a lawyer, Patricia Ho which is working to help human trafficking Victims. She has made a Petition for people to sign in order to make this issue illegal in Hong Kong, it is called ‘Hong Kong Government to make human trafficking illegal. Please take a minute to help make human trafficking illegal!

Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10w15xOSqutJU0JSupU7f6_Y1gX4xcF_QU9eHtqJ1NR4/viewform?edit_requested=true


This week in 5E,
→ Inquiry/Literacy: making products for TwoPresents;  Book Club Day 3 synthesis
→ Mathematics: 2D Shape inquiry and sharing;
→ Passion Projects: sharing our inquiries into our passions.
→ Digi-Time: Students are learning about one of three choices: robotics, photography, and 3D designing and printing

Next week in 5E, …
→ Inquiry/ Literacy:  perfecting the TwoPresents products

–>compasses, circles and language for circles,  Latitude and Longitude, 3D nets and Probability inquiry.

-> learning to compose a ‘Make Contact’ email;
→ Mathematics: creating with 3D shapes; reviewing properties of shapes; drawing 3D shapes
→ Class Party: Friday, June 2  after lunch.

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Grade 5 End of Year MacBook Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Summer is almost here! All students will be bringing their laptops home for the long vacation. If your child is not returning to CDNIS, please make sure that the laptop is brought to OneDoor for re-imaging before Friday, June 3rd, 2017. Students are responsible to back up all their personal data to an external device before re-imaging.

Please note that laptops are not to be used on buses and must be inside a laptop sleeve or carry case when being transported.

Making Your Family’s Essential Agreement

As we have in the classroom, it is important for your family to set up essential agreements and expectations for laptop usage at home (or on holiday). Essential Agreements provide a structure for teaching your child to self-regulate their use of technology.

Areas that we recommend be discussed and agreed upon:

•   (Balance)
How much screen time is permitted per day? Time with family and away from computers are more important for getting the most from break time.

•        (Inquiring, Communicating)
What can the MacBook be used for? – games, research, communication?

•        (Principled)
What guidelines should be agreed to for the appropriate use of the Macbook?

•        (Principled)

Where in the home should the Macbook be used?  Where is it safely stored at night? – We recommend used in sight of adults, not in bedroom

To help prepare both students and parents for the shared management of the MacBook while it is at home,  please take the time to review the CDNIS Responsible Use Agreement and the Family Media Agreement and Device Contract.

Parent Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure students are supervised when using the laptops at home. Parents should be aware that CDNIS has a high quality firewall that protects the students from inappropriate content. Your home firewall may not be as strong and therefore searching on the internet may be less secure.

Although the parent administrative account allows parents to install new programs onto the laptop, we are asking that no new programs or applications get installed over the summer. Please contact OneDoor (7fl Digital Service Center) at onedoor@cdnis.edu.hk if you need help to reset the parent account password on the MacBook.

Please note that students must bring a protective case to class to transport their laptops home safely onThursday, June 8th, 2017. Lastly, please note that students must bring their MacBook and power charger back to school on the first day after the holiday.

Best Regards,

The Grade 5 Team

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Shape and Space

TwoPresents Challenge: The seven groups in 5E have finished their research on the charity they have chosen and each group is now starting to ideate for the products they will create for the TwoPresents website. TwoPresents has asked us to design some of the following products for each charity: invitation cards, charity information card, thank you cards, welcome signs, gift bag products, and party activities. All these products should meet the basic requirements set by TwoPresent;, but TwoPresents is also looking for creative designs that would appeal to families planning a birthday party.

To be clear, TwoPresents is our client and we are the product designers. TwoPresents reserves the right to choose which products they will use or not use on their website. They have guaranteed that each group will have one of their products published on their blog.

Over the next two weeks, we will have representatives from TwoPresents visit the school and consult with the different groups. They will provide feedback on the products and pointers on how to improve them.

Math Shapes and Properties: We are going to start looking closer at shapes and the properties of shapes. We have started with 2D shapes, the connection between the sides and angles, and also making connection between shapes and the real world uses of shapes, These new understandings and skills will hopefully be applied as they design their TwoPresents products!

PASSION PROJECT: We will have our Passion Project Presentations on June 1st at 1:00 – 2:00. We’d love to share our passions and learning with our parents. Mark your diaries and online calendars so you don’t forget this important event.

LIBRARY NEWS:  We are getting close to the end of the year and there are some dates to keep in mind.

Important Dates
Friday, May 19th: Last day to check out books
Friday, May 26th: Everything is due back to the library

Also, students and parents need to know about the E-Books that they can access to even during the summer holidays. Please check Ms William’s blog post for information on the ebooks they can access via OverDrive, TumbleBooks, Big Universe and Destiny Discover.

End of Year Parties: It is the end of the year and it’s time to think about parties. So far, it is confirmed that we will have a Whole Grade Party on Wednesday, June 7 from 12:20 – 2:20. We will be asking students in each class to bring in a few snacks to share, but not too much because we don’t want wastage.

Stay tuned for the decision about the Class party. Ideas are still being tossed around and I will share the plans when they are confirmed.

This week in 5E,
→ Inquiry/Literacy: how organisations are structured and function; research about TwoPresents and group charity; Background information; Persuasive writing Sub divided flats in Hong Kong Book Club Day 1 synthesis.

→ Mathematics: Math Centres; patterns and functions practice; 2D shape inquiry

→ Passion Projects: preparing for their passion project presentation next Friday

→ Digi-Time: Students are learning about one of three choices: robotics, photography, and 3D designing and printing

Next week in 5E, …
→ Inquiry/ Literacy:  making products for TwoPresents; learning to compose a ‘Make Contact’ email; Book Club Day 2 and 3  synthesis; Persuasive writing Subdivided flats in HK

→ Mathematics: Math Centres; 2D Shape inquiry and sharing; creating with 3D shapes

→ Passion Project Presentations preparation: 5E will share their passion projects with others on Thursday, June 1st.

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Keep Reading All Summer Long with E-Books!

Keep Reading All Summer Long with E-Books!

All books are due back in the library on May 26th but there are plenty of opportunities to read this summer! If you haven’t been to the Central Library near Victoria Park it’s FANTASTIC! I highly recommend getting a library card and being a regular visitor this summer. There are also book stores around Hong Kong, with the new addition of Eslite in Causeway Bay. If you haven’t been there, give it a visit. It’s an awesome book store!

And there’s always ebooks! Popular fiction ebooks can be found on OverDrive, fantastic picture books are at TumbleBooks, nonfiction titles are on Destiny Discovery and Big Universe has both fiction and nonfiction titles. Many of the nonfiction titles on Destiny Discover are interactive with videos, links, GoogleMaps, quizzes, etc. Very fun! All our e-books are available all day, everyday and they’re FREE!


For a complete introduction to OverDrive, check out this blog post. Quick reminders: your username and password are both your student number. Yup, same number twice. Super simple! OverDrive has a great collection of popular fiction titles including Diary of a Wimpy Kid, books by David Walliams, Big Nate and more! Books available: beginner chapter books through grade 12.


OverDrive: just a small selection of the awesome e-books available!

 Destiny Discover: Interactive Nonfiction

For fun, interactive nonfiction books, check out Destiny Discover. Our favorite e-books in Destiny Discover are Lightbox because they’re sooooo fun! They have exciting videos, photo slide shows, quizzes, GoogleMap links and more. Quick reminders: your username is your student number. Your password is the same password you use to get on the network at school, or for grade 3, 4 & 5 students, the password is 12345.


Destiny Discover: LightBox e-books are interactive and fun!


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 2.16.08 pmTumbleBooks is a collection of super fun picture books! If you have kids who like picture books (and who doesn’t like picture books!) you really need to get over to TumbleBooks! They have a great collection of popular picture books that can be read aloud to students. They also have games and quizzes and other fun stuff going on! Take a look!


TumbleBooks Library: A fantastic collection of picture books with a read aloud feature. Kids love TumbleBooks!











Big Universe is a collection of fiction and nonfiction books for grades K-8. We generally use it for nonfiction books to support the Units of Inquiry, but feel free to check out the fiction books, too!


Big Universe: Just a few of the thousands of books available.







Unfortunately I can’t post the username and password to any of these resources here because this is a public blog, but if you log into your Destiny account and click on the Home tab, you’ll see the login access for many of our online subscriptions, including TumbleBooks. As always, if you need help with any of these online services, don’t hesitate to email me at colleenwilliams@cdnis.edu.hk. I’m happy to help!

Enjoy your summer and happy reading!

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Asbury Methodist Social Services Field Trip

Grade 5 has an exciting trip planned to visit Asbury Methodist Social Services. Asbury works with 300+ families in different capacities. We will be specifically visiting their sheltered homes provided for new immigrants in Tsuen Wan. We have been looking at a range of social issues in Hong Kong and this trip will allow us to see how an organisation has responded to the needs of new immigrants.

What are some of the problems new immigrants are facing in Hong Kong? What are organisations like Asbury doing to help? What could we do to help? This field trip not only connects to our current unit of Sharing the Planet but also leads into our How We Organise Ourselves unit of inquiry. During our visit to the Ashbury Service centre students will have a chance to understand the function of an organisation and how all the parts work together to serve a purpose.

As part the visit, students will be learning about the needs of immigrant families from social workers at Asbury. Once we have learned about the organisation and the people it serves, the Asbury social workers will lead small groups of students with a parent volunteer or teacher to go to a market and buy some provisions for one of the families.

Asbury has found some families that are willing to open their homes to visitors. We will be delivering the supplies that we purchase to one of these families as part of our action. Students will see first-hand the living conditions of a family and be able to interact with them. It’s also a great chance for them to practice their Mandarin since the immigrant families are from mainland China.

We ask that parents send $20 with their child as a donation. The students will use this money to purchase the supplies at a market.

For more information about Asbury, you can visit http://www.asbury.org.hk/.

We had a busy but successful week of school with fieldtrips, MAP tests, Make, Create + Collaborate, Spotlights, TwoPresents and many more.  Seems this time of year continues to become busy and full of excited opportunities and action around the school. A students have already ideated action plans to help those who have opportunities denied around HK and will be working on a plan this weekend for hope learning. If possible please discuss and talk about possible actions that you can take to help a specific area whether, poverty, education, health, animals, and kids. Also talk to your child about the trip they attended this week and ask about the structure of the NGO and how it works. The particular function of the organisation and the needs it meets. Making connections from our trip today and the Central Idea. All the students should have their process journal for home learning to share what they have experienced being able to visit the community and the thoughts they had about shopping for a family with a particular circumstance.

New Unit connections

Central Idea: The structure and function of organisations is connected to the needs of individuals and communities

An inquiry into…

  • How different organisations are structured
  • How the needs of individuals and communities determine the type of organisations required
  • The way organisations function to meet the needs of individuals and communities

Thanks to TwoPresents for coming in and kick starting our unit of inquiry with a worth while student challenge.

  • The students will look at how the business organises itself (the structure and function), and how its business model interconnects with charities (economic activities and impact on humankind)
  • The organization meets a community needs
  • Our action meets the community’s and the organization’s need
  • Gives students an opportunity to connect with two charities/NGOs, Twopresents and the charity for which they are designing
  • Allows students to look into organization structure (can compare at least 2 organization structures outside of school)
  • Twopresents is a local charity that brings together over 30 other charities so it will meet a variety of interests and passions of students

In Math we are making connections to BEDMAS and the specific order of operations and what each order of operation means. We have also challenged ourselves by manipulating numbers for our own purpose. Students understanding of the pattern functions, how to find an equation in a pattern and using probelm solving to find a variable are a few things we went through. We will be starting shape and space soon and looking at various shapes closely and where else we see these everyday. For practice for patterns and function I have shared a math booklet for students online to complete and practice. After our first assessment I have marked and sent the math checkpoint home for students to make their math learning goals with parents and practice.


Literacy we began to look at our final reading skills of determining importance and synthesising information. We have completed our last reading skill of inferencing which we spent quiet a bit of time on since the skill was a difficult one for us to understand at one point. Thanks to the parents that came in and helped with the book clubs, this really built a deeper understanding of the skill. As a class we have began debates and understanding the structure of debates and how they are organised and how to rebuttal an arguement as well. All the students have the vocabulary for our debating unit and need to know and use this vocabulary when conducting debates. At home you could practice setting up a debate with a topic that the students have to be able to argue both sides of the topic. Affirmative being the for side and negative being the against side.

Next week:

Grade 9 civics host our 5E class activity

How We Organise Ourselves Tuning in

Action plan for service (Charity designing for Birthday parties  Student challenge) TwoPresents

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Asbury Service Centre field trip expectations

Asbury Service Center field trip learning engagements.

Theme: Sharing the Planet

Central Idea:  Actions can support or deny access to rights and opportunities

Theme: How We Organise Ourselves

Central Idea: The structure and function of organisations is connected to the needs of individuals and communities

Task:  Grade 5 will be going on a field trip to

Asbury service center to observe and learn about the different people’s circumstances and to understand the connection between circumstances and opportunities.

Along with learning about organisations and how they function to meet the needs of others.


Please remind students to bring a packed lunch and 20 hkd.

Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered and looking to have useful and key conversations at home as well.

Warm regards,


Mr. Roberts


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SLLR feed back and MAP testing

Many thanks to parents for the positive and enthusiastic interest in last week’s SLLR. I was impressed by the level of engagement and questioning during the conference as well as the critical feedback given at the end. All parents responded that they valued the format where the child had more control over what and how to present. There was also a consensus that this form of conference gave parents the information they needed to understand their child’s learning.

As you know we have been currently piloting the MAP testing this week. The students will be completing three sections of the test, Reading, Math and Language Arts. Check the students blogs about the MAP tests and their SSLR’s.

We are getting close to the end of the current unit on Sharing the Planet, however our next unit will be linked in many ways to the current unit. During the final unit of the year, we will be looking at how NGOs and other organisations are designed and function in order to meet the needs of the community they serve. We have made a connection with an NGO to help us and also to give us an authentic way to show action towards the middle of the unit. Stay tuned for more information on this blog.

In mathematics we are looking at everything to do with patterns. We are looking at shape patterns, colour patterns and number patterns. We have even discussed behaviour patterns! While we are just getting started with patterns, we have looked at two ways of explaining patterns: using recursive pattern rules and function pattern rules. Recursive rules are when you find the next number in a pattern by doing something to the number before it. For example, 5, 13, 21, 29, 37 can be explained as “Start at 5,  Add eight each time”. Function rules are when you predict any number in the sequence by applying the rule to the position of the number in the pattern.  So you need to compare the position of the number (e.g. 10th number) to the actual Function Rulesnumber. The inserted picture shows how to explain a function rule for a number pattern.


The function rule helps you predict any number in the sequence that you want.

In Book Club, we will started reading books that are totally related to our current unit. In each book, the characters are living through circumstances that are based on real-life characters. Three of the books were written recently and deal with life in parts of the world suffering from social issues: Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan. The other is a historical fiction set in Nazi controlled Denmark. In all four books, the main characters are living in dire circumstances that deny human rights; yet, they find ways to take action to cope and help themselves. We will be keeping track of the circumstances and learning how to synthesis what we read.

Have a restful long weekend!

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5E Spotlight Performance

In case you missed the 5E spotlight today here is a clip provided by Ms. Kinsinger! Well done 5E tremendous performance and I am extrememly pleased with all of your confidence and creativity put into your Spotlight. See the link below:



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