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Please find 2019 Parents Coffee Morning PPT – by Penny Pan

Are your child in G5 or G6 this year, and is getting ready for MYP in the new Middle School Division in next academic year? Are you a new CDNIS parents this year? Are you interested to know more about PYP/MYP Chinese programs? Are you wondering how your child will be placed for next academic year’s Chinese classes? Please join Penny Pan (Director of Chinese) for Chinese Studies Parent Coffee Morning at8 – 9:00am on Monday May 20 at LLAC Lobby. She will introduce CDNIS Chinese PYP/MYP Program in details, and will be there to answer any questions that you may have.

Summer School Information 2019

May 3, 2019

Dear Parents,    We are just over one month away for our long summer holiday.  We’d like to inform you with some courses that are on offer . You may register through our Summer School 2019 site  If you child would like to do courses associating with Mandarin, we have; Chinese Art Attack (G3 – G6) […]

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Prep to G6 Chinese Reading Workshop Registration for MHL/MA parents

November 21, 2018

Dec 12 Prep-G6  Chinese Reading Workshop Registration open for MHL/MA Parents Is your child in G1-G6 MHL/MA classes? If your child is still in Prep, will they join the MHL (near-native/native Chinese stream) next year? Do you want to assist or nurture your child’s Chinese reading habits? Please join our LS Chinese MHL/MA teachers for […]

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每日一篇 login information

October 2, 2018

Dear Parents,   每日一篇 (online reading)for MHL students is ready for login, and the starting date is Oct3. Link is here:   「每日一篇」login information includes: 1. School No.,  2. ID No. &  3. Password    Please encourage your child using this online reading program to read Chinese materials.    Thank you very much for your attention

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School Book fair–next week

September 26, 2018

Dear Parents, This year‘s school book fair is scheduled next week. Students may bring $100 to buy their favourite books. The regular Chinese library visit will be cancelled next week because of the book fair. The book fair schedule is Here. Please note, It’s held at the LLAC lobby Kids should bring money and a reusable bag for books They can also shop […]

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G2 MHL Curriculum night presentation 1819

September 12, 2018

1819 Curriculum Night G2 MHL

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General information for non-English speaking Chinese new parents

August 22, 2018

請看 Penny pan,our Chinese Director 的信: 各位華人家長, 我是CDNIS中文部主任Penny Pan潘老師, 在迎新會上可能有些家長見過我。 在此再次歡迎各位加入我們CDNIS的大家庭! 近年來我發現很多新來的家長們在學年的第一個學期內,常常不太清晰在哪裡得到學校各種活動或孩子們的學習信息,特別是英文上有一定困難的家長,更是對成堆的老師學校的英文郵件理不出頭緒,遇到的問題也不太清楚向誰詢問。學校一開學,家長們可能更加焦慮。 因此,我想邀請有此需要的家長8月24日本星期五中午12 – 下午1點來學校11樓的“弘漢軒”的中文圖書館開一次見面會。我會給各位家長用中文(普通話)介紹以下學校的各種流程,重要事件,通訊方式和人員,學生學習信息等等,也會解答各位可能已經有的很多疑問。 如果您有興趣參加, 請回覆,並告知以下內容:(如果您知道有其他家長可能有興趣,可以把此信息轉給他們) 學生名字: 年級: 到會家長名字: 期待星期五的見面會! Ms Penny Pan Best Regards

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Chinese Studies NEW Parents Coffee Morning, Monday Aug 20 7:30 – 8:30

August 18, 2018

Dear Parents and Students, Chinese Studies NEW Parents Coffee Morning,  Monday Aug 20 7:30 – 8:30 Chinese Studies NEW Parents Coffee morning will be held at 7:30 – 8:30 Monday Aug 20 at LLAC Lobby.  Director of Chinese Penny Pan will give a talk on CDNIS R-12 Chinese program and answer any questions over some […]

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