G2 MHL 16-5-2019

by peihualiu on May 16, 2019

1. 閱讀練習冊第6頁方框裏的詞語,看兩幅圖,用圖下面的句型說話。如果你想挑戰自己,在本頁空白的地方把句子寫下來。



Are your child in G5 or G6 this year, and is getting ready for MYP in the new Middle School Division in next academic year? Are you a new CDNIS parents this year? Are you interested to know more about PYP/MYP Chinese programs? Are you wondering how your child will be placed for next academic year’s Chinese classes? Please join Penny Pan (Director of Chinese) for Chinese Studies Parent Coffee Morning at8 – 9:00am on Monday May 20 at LLAC Lobby. She will introduce CDNIS Chinese PYP/MYP Program in details, and will be there to answer any questions that you may have.

G2 MHL 15-5-2019

May 15, 2019

1. 讀資料冊第11頁,找出動詞,寫在方框裏(Read Booklet Pg 11 & write action words in the box) 2. 熟讀資料冊第12頁 (Read Booklet Pg 12) 3. 複習資料冊第 8頁的字詞和9頁的句型,準備星期五的評估(Review Booklet Pg 8 & 9, prepare for Friday’s assessment)

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G2 MHL 14-5-2019

May 14, 2019

1. 請家長簽字 (Please share your reading comprehension assessment with your parent and ask parent to sign) 2. 完成練習冊第5頁的練習(complete Workbook Pg 5) 3. 星期五的評估:請複習資料冊第8頁和第9頁 (Review Booklet Pg 8 and 9,prepare for Friday’s assessment)

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G2 MHL 9-5-2019

May 9, 2019

1. 完成練習冊(Workbook)第2頁(Pg 2)的拼音練習 2. 如果你沒有完成練習冊第4頁的課堂作業,請在家完成(If you have not finished your class work on Workbook Pg 4, please complete it) 3. 我們星期五做閱讀理解評估(This Friday’s weekly assessment is Reading comprehension)  

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2 MHL 8-5-2019

May 8, 2019

1. 寫生字詞語,請包括拼音、部首、筆畫 2. 閱讀《我不哭了》

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G2 MHL 7-5-2019

May 7, 2019

閱讀資料冊第2-3頁(read Booklet Pg 2-3) 複習今天完成的資料冊第4-5頁(review Booklet Pg 4-5)

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Summer School Information 2019

May 3, 2019

Dear Parents,    We are just over one month away for our long summer holiday.  We’d like to inform you with some courses that are on offer . You may register through our Summer School 2019 site  If you child would like to do courses associating with Mandarin, we have; Chinese Art Attack (G3 – G6) […]

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G2 MHL 29-4-2019

April 29, 2019

1. 完成練習冊第12-13頁的閱讀理解 (Complete reading comprehension in Workbook Pg 12-13)

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G2 MHL 25-4-2019

April 25, 2019

閱讀故事書和每日一篇 (Read reading book and online daily reading)

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