9 – 13 December Power of Science

by paulhumphrey on December 6, 2013

Every week I’ m amazed and impressed with individuals showing enthusiasm to learn.  An aim this week has been students being self motivated learners.  Hands on Science really helps captivate  students and encourages them to be  creative.   I’m a big fan of the well known educator -Ken Roberson.  If you haven’t seen his TED talk click on the link below.

Ken Robertson: How we kill creativity:


Also spotted this talk from a 13 year old child which challenges our thinking about what is important in education.

What if we made education about how to be healthy and happy?


Finally, and most importantly, next Friday it is 4E’s turn to host the assembly.  Parents/Grandparents are cordially invited so we hope to see you there.  Start time 1:40pm in the Allan Dick Forum.

Math:   On Tuesday Ms Manson Mathematics spent a good hour in our room looking at one method of long division.  This was a great lesson where some students that picked up the method quickly were coaches.   Over the week we continued to look at various methods and to consolidate our learning.

Literacy:  Many students have become keen writers using google.  When I think my in school e mail is clear I return home to find a few students sharing their writing with me which is great.  I’ve been impressed with the improvement from some students to throw in more descriptive words into their writing. We have also started looking at the genre of how to write explanations.

For reading each child has chosen  a novel and are carrying out a book study.  This requires students to take on different roles each time their group meets. For example the director, predictor, connector, summarizer, artist and more. Ask your child about their roles.

UOI:  After carrying out different experiments 4E have now been asked to share an experiment with the class.  You will see some of these experiments at the assembly next Friday.

Students of the Week

Caleb:  For his wonderful attitude to learning. In particular Caleb shows plenty of enthusiasm for writing.  

Michelle:  For her lovely caring nature.  She is very good at helping others with their learning.

What’s happening?

Early Dismissal Day  This Monday we have a EDD so children will be dismissed from class at 11:oo am

Wednesday  11:  Winter Concert after school.

Friday 13:  4E Assembly.

Tuesday 17 Dec:    Ice Skating: Thank you for returning the permission slip and money.

Art Message

For constructing our mobiles, could students please start collecting clear plastic trays at home.  These transparent plastic trays are the ones that vegetables and fruit are often packaged on and wrapped in plastic wrap at Park N Shop and Wellcome.  Please have the students bring them to the art room for their next class.

Thank you, Ms. Murray

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