Dear Mums and Dads,

Tuesday was an exciting day as we worked on the final touch of our exhibition staging and presentation. Please ask your child  which venue she/he has been allocated.

Because of the nature of our central idea, “Exploring issues, interests and passions inspires change”, we have a broad range of focus areas. If you can, kindly take the time to visit both the LLAC and the library.

As this year’s exhibition was an ongoing unit, there has been a greater focus on process and growth over time.

Below are some questions you may wish to ask the students to help you find out more about their journey.

  • Why did you choose this exploration/exhibition purpose?
  • How does your exhibition purpose connect to the transdisciplinary theme and central idea?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What did you find most challenging in this journey?
  • From your research, what are your biggest takeaways?
  • Has your perspective changed about your exhibition purpose? Yes/No. Why?
  • What other shifts in thinking, having, saying, feeling, being as well as doing have you experienced since the beginning of the PYP exhibition?
  • What change has been inspired by your exploration? What evidence do you have? How successful have you been?
  • What is next? How will you continue to follow your purpose?
  • What attributes of the Learner Profile have you displayed the most in this exhibition and why?  Which one(s) could you have used more?
  • What Approaches To Learning skills have you developed the most and why? Which one(s) do you need to still improve on?
  • If you could do exhibition again, what would you do differently?

In addition, here is the QR code for the PYPX feedback survey, which students have put up on their respective display.

We encourage you to use your personal phone to provide feedback to your child as well as to other G6 students. The survey is open to anyone with the link.

Next week, we will take the time to analyse your comments as we wrap up exhibition and reflect on our journey and the presentation days.