This Home Learning Grid will be distributed to students through Google Classroom tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. For tonight, students should work on their book club assignments.

How We Organise Ourselves

Home Learning Grid

Directions: You are expected to do three activities each week; eventually, you will complete them all.  Highlight the activity once you complete it. For every activity, you are expected to engage in reflective thinking. Pick at least three sentences starters to help you reflect. All Home Learning is due back to class on Friday!


Data Handling

Complete either of the two.

  • Create a graph to show how you spend your time on the average school day. Click here for directions.
  • Complete your Math Packet for Graphing & Mean, Median & Mode.

Get inspired by these innovations.

Answer the questions below:

  • What were the most interesting/surprising facts/new ideas you came across?
  • What connections can you make  (text-to-self, text-to-text, text-to world, text-to-media)?
  • What questions do you have?
  • Which renewable energy innovation(s) are you the most interested in and why?

Complete your work at the bottom of this page.

What is energy?

Find out about energy from these links:

Show your new learning in a creative and/or visual way.

Complete your work at the bottom of this page, or on a piece of paper.

Be an inquirer!
Throughout this unit, keep a record of new words, including their definition and how you would use them in a sentence. Create your own print or digital personal dictionary.
Be creative and decide the format and layout that works well for you as an inquirer.
WWA/PYP Exhibition
Complete the synthesis section of your research organizer for the information you have gathered so far.  
WWA/PYP Exhibition
In your process journal, plan for a field trip or an interview you will conduct. Record your plan:Field trip proposal form

Think about the who, what, when, where and why.
Complete your work and reflection in your WWA/Exhibition process journal.

Reading skills: Making Inferences

Find places in your book where the character makes an important decision. On a 2-column T-chart, jot down details from the text that guided the character’s decision. On the opposite side, show your  thinking. Finally explain why you think she/he made that decision.

Watch this video to help you with this task.

Complete your work at the bottom of this page, or on a piece of paper.

Energy in the news

Read or watch the local or international news.
Answer the following questions: What energy related issues did you hear/read about?  Summarise the main ideas and

share you personal opinions.
Complete your work at the bottom of this page, or on a piece of paper.

Data Handling

Complete one activity of your choice. The * indicates the level of difficulty.

* Carroll Diagrams

** Plants

*** Real Statistics

Complete your work at the bottom of this page, or on a piece of paper.

All of the activities on this Home Learning Grid have been designed to align with the Central Idea, Attitudes & Attributes, and Key & Related Concepts for this unit of inquiry.