This week I will give you time to focus exclusively on your Exhibition ideas. Many of you used some of your Home learning time during the previous weeks to focus in on Exhibition ideas. Many of you said that you were inspired by some of the speakers and TedTalks that you viewed.

This week you will work on narrowing down your options using the packet handed out today in class. I do not expect you to necessarily complete the whole packet, but do as much as you can and bring it to school on Friday so that we can touch base about where you are and were you need to go. On Page 2 under “Options” you might only have one or 2 options that you are seriously considering, that is fine. This process will help me to see who is feeling like they are on track and who is in need of more guidance. Because you will the the whole week on which to focus exclusively on Exhibition ideas, I expect to see some thoughtful responses.

A soft copy of the packet has been uploaded to Google Classroom for your reference. Please complete the hard copy (paper copy) and bring it to school on Friday.

Be sure to record your reading on Google Classroom as usual.

This table should be fully completed each week.

Home Learning Reading Log

Record your reading here Monday- Thursday (include Friday- Sunday here if you choose to)

Insert new rows as needed.

Date Title Time Spent # of Pages