Oct 12-13: Lesson plans

每日一篇 (The Online reading program) has already started.

Oct 12:

  1. Remind them of doing book reports on weekly basis.
  2. Follow up 3WLC goal setting worksheets: if they haven’t completed it, let the unfinished group take a corner and finish it today.
  3. Go through <熟悉又陌生的兒子>
  4. Allow them to silently review the dictation vocab for tomorrow: 亂七八糟、抽屜、嚴肅、其餘、恭敬、匆匆、百感交集、凌亂不堪、映入眼簾、栩栩如生、傾訴 Suggestion: they can start writing those vocabs in class and bring work home if they can’t finish.

Oct 13:

  1. Dictation: 亂七八糟、抽屜、嚴肅、其餘、恭敬、匆匆、百感交集、凌亂不堪、映入眼簾、栩栩如生、傾訴
  2. Make sure each and every one would complete 3WLC reflection sheet.
  3. Have them preview <風箏> (textbook P.35-36)

*Please note that these plans may be subject to changes, depending on the interactions between the supply teacher and students. Thanks in advance for your support and understanding.

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