What a wonderful year!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for making my first year at CDNIS a fantastic one. It has been an absolute pleasure watching and helping your children grow as young learners since August. I have their class photo next to my desk and it is amazing to see how much they have changed in just one year.
I hope you all have a lovely summer and the best of luck in grade 5. If you ever find yourself up on the 14th floor (or kids – if you just miss climbing the stairs), stop in for a visit!
Thank you as well for the lovely gift.  Mr Steiner asked me to thank you for his gift as well. Much appreciated.
Just a small housekeeping note from Ms Makky to unsubscribe from our blog at the end of the year. Instructions for how to unsubscribe to their child’s teacher blog can be found here.
Kind Regards,
Ms Navaz Khory

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