Friday October 12, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we started the week with a presentation from author David Schwartz
  • Tuesday kept us busy with class photos, International Library School Day, and our Language MAP test
  • we completed six math centres to practice and consolidate what we’ve learned about rounding, addition & subtraction with regrouping and place value
  • we worked on reading comprehension and identifying the main idea in articles related to Migration
  • we reviewed the process of writing stages and began generating ideas/planning a recount about Migration which we will work on after the break
  • pancake and pajama day was a highlight of the week!

When we come back…

  • we will be working on the draft of our recount writing piece about migration
  • we will continue with our work on place value, rounding, addition/subtraction with regrouping
  • we will have a special focus on reading, understanding, and solving word problems
  • students will begin dance sessions which will replace PE and last until December
  • our Migration unit will be ending by the end of October so we will be completing some final learning engagements to assess understanding
  • the week we come back students will be organizing themselves into ‘committees’ to plan our 4D Halloween Party

**our 4D Assembly date has been changed!! We will now be having the 4D Assembly on Friday November 23**

Important Dates

October 15-22 – Midterm Break (No School)
Fri. Oct. 26 – DDD
Fri. Nov. 2 – Halloween Assembly & Party

Fri. Nov. 23 – 4D Assembly in Forum

Have a safe and wonderful mid-term break!!!


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