Friday October 5, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we started the week with a visit to the Book Fair
  • we worked on addition with regrouping
  • we reviewed what Place Value means and learned about the different ways we can represent numbers
  • students completed their last rotation of our literacy centres
  • we investigated some key vocabulary to our UOI such as migrant, refugee, asylum seeker, expatriate to try to understand the difference between each
  • students thoughtfully chose 3 goals that they would like to work towards this year
  • we have been using Xtra Math to practice speed and accuracy of basic facts
  • students participated in a ‘Migration Mix-Up’ afternoon where they had 6 optional sessions to attend, all related to our UOI
  • students completed their Math and Reading MAP tests
  • we finished the week by attending the 4C assembly in the Forum

Next week…

  • we will continue with place value – with a focus on rounding numbers, addition/subtraction with regrouping, and word problems
  • students will continue with basic facts practice (addition/subtraction) and we will focus on strategies we can use to help us calculate questions in our heads quicker
  • we will be investigating qualities of a good recount and students will work on their own recounts
  • for UOI we will begin to explore examples of migration in history and the resulting impact
  • students will complete their last MAP test with a focus on language
  • we will continue to read current news articles related to our unit while reviewing features of non-fiction text

Important Dates

Monday Oct. 8 – David Schwartz (Author visit)

Tuesday Oct. 9 – Language MAP Test

Tues. Oct. 9 : 4D School Photos (9:45am)

Tues. Oct. 9 – International School Library Day

Fri. Oct. 12 : Pancake and Pajama Day

October 15-22 – Midterm Break (No School)

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