Friday September 28, 2018

This week in 4D… students spent time thinking about their strengths and areas to work on this week which we shared at the 3-Way Learning Conversations we paired up with 4C so that students could share and practice what they wanted to communicate during the Learning Conversations, giving each other feedback at the end we […]

Friday September 21, 2018

This week in 4D… students learned about the structure and features of recount writing and we practiced by writing a recount of our typhoon experience we completed some final patterning activities and worked on a pre-assessment for our ‘whole numbers’ unit in math we began to prepare for the 3-Way Learning Conversations by rating rating […]

Friday September 14, 2018

This week in 4D… we continued to explore, extend, and create patterns students completed math centres all related to reinforcing patterning concepts we worked on the cover pages for our Where We Are in Place and Time process journals we generated a list of reasons people move (push and pull factors) students have been working […]

Friday September 7, 2018

This week in 4D… we continued exploring patterns by completing activities with hundreds charts students completed a pre-assessment for patterning and algebra we finished our value writing and thumbprint art and began a Seesaw post to explain the process we have read several books related to our new unit and explored perspective, feelings, and empathy […]