Friday April 13, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we have explored various symbiotic relationships in ecosystems
  • in our math work we have been focusing on identifying equivalent fractions and reducing fractions
  • we have also been working on adding and subtracting with decimals
  • Ms. Fung joined us this week for another session of robotics
  • we began novel studies – over the next few weeks students will be reading, discussing, and recording responses in their groups
  • students collaborated in small and large groups to prepare for the assembly. From writing the script, choosing what to showcase, and organizing the timing and slideshow, they have managed to put it together in its entirety. Acting as a facilitator who gets to stand back and just step in when help is needed, it is truly amazing to observe the skills that they display in putting an assembly together!

Next week…

  • we will continue our focus on fractions and decimals with daily centres
  • for inquiry we will be exploring in more detail the causes of instability within ecosystems
  • students will be spending several periods preparing/rehearsing for their Spotlight on Wednesday
  • our novel studies will continue and students will review how to have effective book discussions together

Important Dates

  • Fri. April 13 – 4D Assembly in Forum 1:40pm
  • Mon. April 16 -SLLR sign-up for families with 2+ children
  • Wed. April 18 – SLLR sign-up for all families
  • Wed. April 18 – 4D Spotlight Performance 1:15 – 2pm
  • April 23, 25, 26 – MAP testing for Grade 4
  • Fri. April 27 – Student-Led Learning Reviews

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