Thursday March 29, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we started the week with a visit to the G7 classrooms where we listened to science presentations related to our current UOI
  • on Monday afternoon we were lucky enough to get seats to the Suessical Dress Rehearsal
  • students have been inquiring into different ecosystems and gathering information about organisms within and how they depend on one another
  • we have started to investigate external forces that disturb ecosystems and are realizing that humans often have a huge impact
  • our fraction work has focused on ‘groups of a set’ ie. what is 7/8 of 24 and we have begun identifying and creating equivalent fractions
  • we played some fraction games to consolidate learning and completed Mathletics fraction tasks
  • we are close to completing our buildings in Minecraft and students are recording their progress with aerial snapshots
  • we helped our Pre-Reception buddies have an Easter Egg hunt on the 9th floor playground and shared some treats with them
  • students have determined their roles in our class assembly and we are working together to prepare for that

After the break…

  • we will continue investigating disturbances to ecosystems looking closely at chain reactions and human involvment
  • we will spend some time each day preparing for our assembly
  • Ms. Fung will join us for our 4th robotics session
  • in literacy we are looking at sentence fluency and how to construct effective sentences
  • we will begin a round of novel studies/literature circles with students in groups of 5
  • we will begin initial preparations for the Student Led Learning Reviews taking place on April 27
  • our work on fractions will continue and we will also focus on Place Value – looking at working with decimals in particular

Have a wonderful Easter Break!!

Important Dates

  • Fri. April 13 – 4D Assembly in Forum 1:40pm
  • Wed. April 18 – 4D Spotlight Performance 1:15 – 2pm
  • Fri. April 27 – Student-Led Learning Reviews

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