Friday March 9, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • most students managed to complete their blueprints for their buildings, including the calculations for Perimeter and Area of each room and building in total
  • we began literacy centres targeting some specific needs with regards to handwriting, grammar, summarizing, spelling and typing skills
  • on Tuesday we were able to attend the Grade 5 Wearable Art show
  • Wednesday morning we celebrated and remembered Alan Dick with Upper School students joining our class to teach us the new school house dance
  • we continued working on our natural disaster case studies and students are almost ready to present what they have learned to each other
  • we visited our learning buddies to help them prepare for their assembly
  • Ms. Fung joined us on Wednesday to help students find their plot of land in Minecraft. We will be using our blueprints to build in this virtual world, with a focus on accurate measurements/dimensions
  • students finished writing their second narratives and most have gone through the editing and revising stages
  • we began a series of robotics lessons this week with students using their coding skills to program their robots to perform actions
  • all grade 4 students participated in a camp information session to let them know more about what to expect

Next week…

  • as camp approaches we will inform students of their tent groups and activity leaders
  • Ms. Fung is returning on Monday to run the second robotics lesson for 4D
  • we will be sharing our narratives and selecting a few to represent our class for the ‘I Survived – narrative competition’
  • students will present their case studies and reflect on presentation skills
  • we will continue with our Perimeter and Area open questions for math
  • on Wednesday we will be departing the school at 8:40am for camp!!

Important Dates

  • Wed. March 14 – 16 G4 CAMP at Treasure Island
  • Tues. March 27 – last swimming class for 4D
  • Fri. April 13 – 4D Assembly in Forum 1:40pm
  • Wed. April 18 – 4D Spotlight Performance 1:15 – 2pm
  • Fri. April 27 – Student-Led Learning Reviews

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