Friday March 2, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we revisited the important components of a narrative and students continued working on their writing
  • using our ‘I Survive’ mentor text, we read aloud and discussed good choices the author made
  • we continued with the floor plans of our houses and began to calculate area and perimeter of rooms
  • with a focus on Perimeter and Area we have been working through open-ended math challenges
  • students enjoyed visiting the Flower Fair and had a great time at the CNY concert
  • we went to the library to view the MYP Personal Projects
  • students were divided into two groups to rehearse and perform Readers’ Theatre scripts, with a focus on reading with fluency and expression
  • we continued with our case studies of 6 of the most devastating natural disasters that have occurred – students are working on group work skills as they collaborate on their presentations


Next week…

  • on Wednesday we have the Alan Dick community event, held within classrooms this year
  • we are starting Robotics with Ms. Fung on Friday
  • also on Friday we will be holding a camp information session for students
  • we will be attending the Grade 5 ‘Wearable Art’ show in the LLAC on Tuesday
  • Ms. Fung will join us to help students build the houses they have designed using Minecraft
  • in math we are continuing our work on measurement, Perimeter, Area, and reviewing multiplication/division
  • we will complete our narratives and have a sharing session
  • groups will present their natural disaster case studies to the class with a focus on content and presentation skills

Important Dates

  • Wed. March 14 – 16 G4 CAMP at Treasure Island
  • Tues. March 27 – last swimming class for 4D
  • Fri. April 13 – 4D Assembly in Forum
  • Wed. April 18 – 4D Spotlight Performance

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