Friday February 2, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we started the week with a ‘musical chairs narrative share’ where students rotated around the room giving feedback to each other on their narratives
  • we are still in the planning stages of our second narrative and doing some research to help us with our stories
  • in math we’ve been working on telling time and elapsed time, measurement, unit conversions and perimeter and area
  • for our read aloud we continue to focus on ‘I Survive’ stories as inspiration for our own writing
  • Ms. Williams joined us to introduce Epic! as a site to read books online
  • Ms. Fung came into class on Wednesday and guided students through a digital citizenship rubric which they used to evaluate themselves and posted on their blogs
  • students worked on 2 Readers’ Theatre scripts, organized their parts, prepared their lines, and performed for an audience
  • we helped our learning buddies in G1 with an inquiry task
  • students explored new ideas for their next iTime project

Next week…

  • we will be writing our narratives using all the feedback from the previous ones to make them even better
  • in math Perimeter, Area, and Volume will be our main focus as we begin the ‘Design Project’ which involves creating a blueprint and building a virtual building on Minecraft
  • we will be using a few more Readers’ Theatre scripts to work on building fluency and expression in our reading
  • student have one more measurement station to complete in our set of 5 rotations

Important Dates

  • Tues. Feb. 13 – CNY Flower Fair, CNY concert
  • Wed. Feb. 14 -last day before break – full day of school
  • Tues. Feb. 27 – students return to school
  • Fri. April 13 – 4D Assembly in Forum


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