Dear Parents,
As you know Grade 4, 5 and 6 will be starting swimming next week as part of their PE Programme.
Please note the following:

Swim Hat Uniform

The Aquatic department and PE Department are introducing a PE swimming Hat Uniform. Students must wear a swim hat at the pool.  Swim Hats are available from Aquatics office  for only $20. Each hat is a high quality silicon hat with CDNIS and an animal printed on each side. All students are expected to have their Swimming Hats by week 2 of swimming
This block of swimming finishes on 28th MarchAs swimming is an important part of their PE Programme and a life long skill that all students should have, students are expected to attend each class. Students will only be excused for medical reasons. Swim staff are aware that some students may be nervous or anxious about swimming and will prepare to make the learning environment safe, fun and pleasant at all times. 
Make up
If a class group misses a lesson, there will be make up lessons available. The Homeroom Teacher and Aquatics Department will arrange another suitable time and date. Note, there will be limited time allocations and days available. 
Kind Regards

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