Friday January 26, 2018

This week in 4D…

  • we continued with our work on measurement, focusing mainly on unit conversions
  • students designed title pages for HWOO unit in our process journals
  • we heard from 3 guest speakers over 2 days and took notes from their informative presentations
  • using annotation as a strategy to understand text better, we worked on making notes in the margins of unit articles
  • students completed a self-assessment of their first narratives and we identified ways to improve our second pieces
  • we began to share our first narratives, listening carefully to the feedback of the ‘readers’
  • Sports Day was a great success on Thursday with students happy and active all day long
  • using image prompts, student completed an I See I Think I Wonder chart in their process journal
  • we attended a great assembly run by 3C on Friday afternoon

Next week…

  • the 4D dental visit for those who signed up is on Tuesday from 8:30-10:10
  • swimming for 4D begins on Tuesday and sessions will run until the April break
  • the Chinese field trip will take place on Wednesday morning
  • we will be working on our second narrative starting with a story plan and main character development
  • we will continue with our work on measurement, including our next class rotations for measurement on Wednesday
  • in math we will re-visit geometry and spatial sense with a focus on locating objects using a grid system
  • elapsed time is proving to be difficult to master so we will continue working on time
  • social skills will be a big focus over the next few weeks as it relates to our unit, students will be put in a variety of scenarios where they will need to take on different roles within a group

Important Dates

  • Tues. Jan. 30 – Dentist visit for those who signed up
  • Tues. Jan. 30 – swimming begins for 4D
  • Wed. Jan. 31 – field trip for Chinese
  • Tues. Feb. 13 – CNY Flower Fair, CNY concert
  • Wed. Feb. 14 -last day before break – full day of school

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