Friday December 8, 2017

This week in 4D…

  • the highlight was our skating trip on Wednesday – thank you to parent volunteers for joining us!
  • we continued our work on data handling, students created bar graphs or line graphs to chart rainfall and temperature over 12 months
  • we have been reading articles about earthquakes and tectonic plates, discussing new vocabulary, and learning strategies to understand difficult passages
  • students have organized themselves into Christmas Party committees and planning for our class party next week is underway
  • we have been working away on our narratives, students have colour coded their work to track the progression of the story as we attempt to ‘show’ what is happening in the story and not just ‘tell’
  • Ms. Fung joined us on Tuesday for our fourth lesson in Coding
  • for our unit, we have been looking closer at the structure/layers of Earth and describing tectonic plates in detail
  • students had a lesson on digital citizenship in preparation for some taking their laptops home for the break

Next week…

  • on Monday we will have our final session of ‘Tinkering’, after the break Visual Arts will begin
  • we will continue with our focus on data handling – interpreting and creating a variety of graphs
  • on Tuesday morning we will head to the LLAC for a Winter Sing-Along
  • Ms. Fung is joining us for our final session of Coding
  • our class party will take place during the last 2 periods on Tuesday afternoon


For those students who are taking their computers home for the break…

Here are some links to some great online learning tools:




Khan Academy

IXL Math

Problem Of the Week





Lightbox books







Dance Map Typing

Free Training Tutorial

Mavis Beacon (App on laptops)

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