Friday December 1, 2017

This week in 4D…

  • we continued exploring what happens when you multiply or divide by 10, 100, 1000
  • students completed their narrative plans and we began writing drafts
  • Ms. Fung joined us for a lesson on how to create animations by coding
  • we have been working on reading comprehension skills what a focus on non-fiction text
  • our Pre-Reception reading buddies traveled up to our class and we helped them write letters to Santa
  • Ms. Williams joined us to introduce students to a variety of sites which are great for researching, we inquired more into Blizzards as this is relevant to our narrative stories
  • students decided on Xmas party committees and we began to plan for our party (Tues. Dec. 12)
  • we completed a few prior knowledge tasks related to data handling
  • students entered the ‘Discovery Dome’ and we learned about how Earth has changed over time as we traveled around the world and back in time

Next week…

  • we will continue our focus on reading comprehension skills with articles related to our unit
  • we will be working on our narratives, with daily mini lessons about plot lines, when to change paragraphs, writing with dialogue, and character development
  • students will be inquiring into causes of extreme weather and we will begin to look more closely at Earth’s surface and the impact of weather
  • our math focus for the week will be on data handling, we will reading and interpreting a variety of bar graphs and line graphs, and creating our own graphs given a set of data

Important Dates

  • Wed. Dec. 6 – G4 Skating Trip
  • Tues. Dec. 12 – 4D Xmas Class Party
  • Wed. Dec. 13 – Early Dismissal Day 11am

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