Friday November 24, 2017

This week in 4D…

  • we started the week with another coding session lead by Ms. Fung
  • students had their third ‘Tinkering’ session with Ms. Lam
  • we worked on variations of our Heads & Legs math challenge
  • in another math activity, students designed their own restaurant, calculating area of floor plans and using multiplication and division to answer a variety of questions
  • for our writing we began inquiring into narratives by creating a mind map of everything we know about them
  • students began planning ideas for their first narrative which will be a story about a natural disaster
  • we spent some time reading independently this week as I have been pulling students out to assess reading fluency and comprehension
  • for our new unit, we have been looking more into landforms, natural disasters, and extreme weather, using unit books and online sources
  • we began a class inquiry into plate tectonics
  • we have spent time working on strategies to help us with long division
  • based on our new seating arrangement, students have been learning more about countries within each continent of the world

Next week…

  • we will spend a few more days on multiplication and division, reviewing what we know
  • a new math unit will begin on data handling, students will be creating graphs given a set of data, reading/interpreting a variety of graphs, and conducting surveys to generate data for graphs
  • we will finish planning for our narratives and begin writing our drafts
  • Discovery Dome is coming in on Thursday and students will participate in a ‘journey’ around the world looking at land formations
  • for read-alouds we will continue to focus on I Survive stories for inspiration as we write our own narratives
  • students will continue with their coding lesson, in preparation for robotics later in the year

Important Dates

  • Thurs. Nov. 30 – Discovery Dome (in school)
  • Wed. Dec. 6 – G4 Skating Trip
  • Wed. Dec. 13 – Early Dismissal Day 11am

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