Friday November 17, 2017

This week in 4D…

  • after editing and revising their descriptive writing, students published their work
  • Ms. Fung joined us for a lesson on coding, where students had to write the codes on Scratch to create letters of the alphabet
  • students presented their research findings about how various tools and technology have changed over time
  • we began our new unit with several prior-knowledge tasks related geography, landforms and weather
  • we worked on several fun math challenges including ‘Bob’s Buttons’ and ‘Heads and Legs’
  • as a class we developed a list of all the examples of extreme weather and natural disasters we could think of, then students discussed the connection between them
  • after observing a slideshow of landforms, students began inquiring into what might cause them to change over time
  • we designed and created the cover pages for our new process journals
  • students rearranged the desks to resemble the continents and created signs and maps for each one
  • students highlighted and labeled interesting patterns or discoveries on a multiplication chart
  • we spent some time playing multiplication games in an effort to learn more facts

Next week…

  • we will begin the week with a double period of ‘tinkering’ and a double period of coding
  • in math we will continue our work on multiplication and division however we will also start looking at data handling and measurement
  • we will commence literature circles, reading books related to our new unit
  • as a read aloud we will be reading some ‘I Survived’ stories
  • we will begin a writing unit on Narratives
  • we will continue to explore the physical structures that make up Earth
  • students will be inquiring more into Earth’s surface and changes that occur over time

Important Dates

  • Week of November 20 – Seussical Jr Auditions
  • Fri. Nov. 24 – Dress Down Day
  • Thurs. Nov. 30 – Discovery Dome (in school)
  • Wed. Dec. 6 – G4 Skating Trip
  • Wed. Dec. 13 – Early Dismissal Day 11am

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