Friday November 3, 2017

 This week in 4D…
  • Ms. Lam joined us to lead our second ‘Tinkering’ session where students had to design, create and test a container to hold an egg that would withstand a drop of 2 metres
  • 4D did an amazing job organizing their own Halloween party – all committees are to be congratulated for their work and their collaboration with each other
  • we completed our catapults and a corresponding reflection early in the week
  • students began a personal inquiry into a tool/technology from the past, we started independent research after a review of basic research skills including taking effective jot-notes, citing sources, and ‘trash or treasure’ to filter through info.
  • students practiced describing 3D shapes by identifying the number of faces, edges, and vertices
  • we played a multiplication game called How Close to 100? which helps reinforce what a multiplication sentence looks like spatially/visually
  • we continued our work on descriptive writing by reviewing adjectives, similes and metaphors, and attempted to include examples of each in our writing pieces
  • we have been reading two Roald Dahl novels which serve as mentor texts for our descriptive writing, students are gaining an appreciation of how detailed descriptions can create clear images in a reader’s mind
  • this week students designed, created prototypes, and built models of aqueducts – today we tested the aqueducts to see if they could successfully carry 200ml of water over a 100cm distance

Next week…

  • students will continue with their independent inquiries with the goal of completing their research and creating a Google Slide presentation
  • using excerpts from ‘The Twits’ as our mentor text, we will be looking at the difference between ‘telling’ vs. ‘showing’ sentences
  • on Friday morning we will be attending a Remembrance Day assembly in the LLAC
  • we will be working our way through a variety of multiplication and division problem solving challenges
  • we will continue to look at strategies for multiplying 2 digit by 1 digit numbers
  • students will be inquiring into the inverse relationship between multiplication and division
  • our focus on non-fiction text continues as we read through more of our unit books


Important Dates

  • Mon. Nov. 6 -Paint Your House event for G4
  • Fri. Nov. 10 – Remembrance Day assembly 8am
  • Fri. Nov. 10 – Unit 2 Ends
  • Fri. Nov. 17 – House Day
  • Wed. Dec. 13 – Early Dismissal Day 11am

Parenting Talk – Sensory Processing Disorder

Does your child find everyday tasks challenging? Are they distracted by touch/sounds/lights? Do they find it challenging to sit still for a short while? These are just some of the symptoms which might stand out to you. In this parenting talk on November 15 from 8am-9:30 am in the LLAC, Lorena Kastner will provide an understanding of SPD and strategies for you to understand and assist your child. RSVP here.

Seussical Jr.: Audition Packs Available for Download

Information about auditions and the audition pack for the LS Musical Production: Seussical Jr. is now available on the musical blog. Sign-ups for auditions will start November 6 (with a link that will be posted on the same blog). Auditions for the production will be the week of November 20. For more information please contact Ms. Benusa at

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