Friday October 27, 2017

This week in 4D…

  • in math centres this week students worked on creating geometry dictionaries, building 3D shapes from nets and creating 3D skeletons, completed a ‘Building Views’ challenge, worked on Mathletics geometry tasks, and continued with our 2D shape toothpick challenges
  • we determined the multiplication facts that students should work on first, ideally practicing through games and learning them in fun ways
  • we had our first ‘Tinkering’ session with Ms. Lam this week and students practices sewing skills as they created bags out of old uniforms
  • as a class we developed a success criteria checklist for our descriptive writing and we continued to work on our descriptions of an ideal classroom
  • Ms. Williams joined us to review ‘Trash or Treasure’ as a strategy for finding and recording relevant information
  • students learned about aqueducts and researched to find information related to their big inquiry question and supporting inquiry questions
  • we developed questions for personal inquiries related to tools and technologies from the past
  • to practice using a protractor we have been drawing and measuring a variety of acute and obtuse angles
  • after learning about catapults and their origin, in small groups students designed and tested their own catapults, we will be improving our prototypes and testing one final time next week

Next week…

  • we will be looking at a variety of strategies (ie. rearranging numbers) for solving questions such as 17×4
  • multiplication will be a focus as we create arrays and other models to show conceptual understanding of multiplication
  • for writing we will continue to learn techniques to enhance our descriptions
  • we will be reading passages from Roald Dahl books throughout the week to use as inspiration for our descriptive writing
  • we will complete a few summative tasks to demonstrate understanding of geometry so far
  • for our catapult challenge we will be testing and reflecting on the final product
  • to follow on with our inquiry into aqueducts, students will be creating prototypes of an aqueduct in a special challenge
  • our second ‘Tinkering’ session will be held on Monday with Ms. Lam
  • our Halloween Party is next Tuesday – students have organized themselves into committees and have been meeting to organize the party/food/decorations themselves – I have seen some fantastic collaborative planning!

Important Dates

  • Tues. Oct. 31 – Halloween (party in class P5/6)
  • Fri. Nov. 10 – Unit 2 Ends
  • Fri. Nov. 17 – House Day
  • Wed. Dec. 13 – Early Dismissal Day 11am


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