Friday May 18th, 2017


This week, we began exploring the life cycle of a plant and continued to document the growth of the plants in class. The seeds are sprouting and some seedlings (lentils, tomatoes, pears and green beans) are growing very quickly!


A term we focused on this week was PHOTOSYNTHESIS. We determined what plants provide, what plants need, and what they have. Students did independent research, created jot notes and wrote a short summary describing PHOTOSYNTHESIS.

We were very fortunate to have Nadine (Aiden’s mom) come in twice this week to create plant-inspired collagraphs with the students. With their knowledge of plants, students drew a variety of leaves (including veins and stomata) on foam paper. Then, they glued their collage of foam leaves onto a printing plate. Afterwards, students rolled paint onto their printing plate and pressed a piece of paper on the surface to create a print. Everyone had a lot of fun designing their own pots and recreating leaves using different art mediums. Thank you, Nadine!

As a class, we brainstormed a list of words that fall under the 5 senses (see, touch, taste, smell, hear). Students created their own descriptive writing piece and self-assessed it using the class-created writing checklist. They reflected on their writing and came up with specific goals as well.

Throughout this unit of inquiry we will inquire into linear measurement and probability during math activities. We have been experimenting with rulers and discussed how they help us measure exact measurements. We also compared and chose the appropriate unit of measurement depending on the item we were measuring. As we continue with linear measurements next week, we will begin to use this knowledge to record growth measurements in plant experiments we will be conducting.

Problem of the Week

Important Dates

  • Wed. May 24th: Grade 2 Sports Day (after lunch)
  • Fr. May 26th: Dress Down Day
  • Tues. May 30th: Tuen Ng Holiday (school closed)
  • Thurs. June 1st: Transition Day (Gr 2s will visit Gr 3 classrooms)
  • Fri. June 2nd: Report cards go home
  • Thurs. June 8th: Last day of school
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