Friday April 21st, 2017


This week we created mixed media portraits of significant inventors. The portraits are a combined collection of paint, cardboard, yarn and jute. Next week, students will be writing reflections to explain the changes that are a result of these inventions.


Students started to research a significant individual of their choice. This research process will support both our literacy focus (factual recount) and also our unit of inquiry on ‘significant individuals’. This week, we focused on identifying a significant individual to research, gathering relevant information on the individual through books and websites, answering questions (writing in jot notes) and citing the sources. Next week, we will move towards developing jot notes into full sentences and paragraphs, editing punctuation, spelling and grammar, publishing as a final piece and completing an oral presentation.


In mathematics we continued to inquire into multiplication. This week’s activities focused on arrays, repeated addition, equations/product and skip counting. The children made connections between multiplication and the various ways to represent this operation. Games are proving to be a fun way of practicing our speed and accuracy with multiplication.


Student Led Learning Reviews
Please watch this video to learning about the purpose, structure and roles of the parents and students at a Student Led Learning Review.

Important Dates

  • Mon. April 24th: Green Dress Down Day (to promote Green Week and environmental awareness!)
  • Fri. April 28th: Student-led Learning Reviews (SLLRs)
  • Mon. May 1st: Labour Day (school closed)
  • Wed. May 3th: Buddha’s birthday (school closed)
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