Friday March 17th, 2017

This week, we focused on the word Contribution. To help students gain a better understanding, they were asked to work in small groups to build something that would be a contribution to the classroom. The possibilities were endless! Some students worked on building a 4-section recycling bin while others created a manual fan to conserve energy.

We explored different types of recounts including personal, factual and imaginative recounts. We also brainstormed a list of common language features in them. One key aspect of recounts is sequencing events in chronological order. Students have had a lot of practice identifying important events in stories and biographies, then ordering placing them in chronological order.

We looked at a variety of subtraction strategies this week. They include zig zag, counting on, counting back, addition and doubles. Since the subtraction strategies covered in class are connected to the addition strategies learned in previous week, students are requiring less time to understand and apply the skills confidently. Next, we will begin exploring subtraction with(out) regrouping and repeated addition.

Students really enjoyed using StopMotion to represent their thinking and wanted to use it again. This time, they worked with a partner to show and explain addition with regrouping. When you have time, please check out your child’s blog for the newest post!

Here is a great example created by Sebastian and Jade. Great collaboration!

Problem of the Week

We just finished creating our straw-blown paintings. Here are some pictures of the students working on their abstract self-portraits.

Have you met someone who has changed your life? Do you know someone who has changed other people’s lives and made it better? Are YOU making the world a better place? If you answer YES to any of these questions, then 2D NEEDS YOU!

We are just starting our new unit on Where We Are in Place and Time and our central idea is: Significant people have made contributions to society that have changed lives. We are looking for people who can share and talk to us about individuals that have made an impact on people lives. We are eager to hear more about regular people (not necessarily famous) who are making the world a better place. Five-ten minutes of your time is all we need!

Important Dates: 

  • Week of Mar 27th: Booking for SLLR Appointments
  • Fr. Mar 31st: Dress Down Day
  • Tues. Apr 4th: Public Holiday (school closed)
  • Apr 8th-17th: Spring Break (school closed)
  • Tues. Apr 18th: Professional Day (no students)
  • Thurs. Apr 27th- Fri. 28th: Student-led Learning Reviews (SLLRs)
  • Mon. May 1st: Labour Day (school closed)
  • Wed. May 3th: Buddha’s birthday (school closed)
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