Friday November 17, 2017

This week in 4D… after editing and revising their descriptive writing, students published their work Ms. Fung joined us for a lesson on coding, where students had to write the codes on Scratch to create letters of the alphabet students presented their research findings about how various tools and technology have changed over time we […]

Friday November 10, 2017

This week in 4D… we worked on two new descriptive writing pieces and compared ‘telling’ sentences with ‘showing’ sentences looking through a Thesaurus we generated many vocabulary ideas to include in our writing we had a ‘math talk’, identifying and sharing strategies for multi-digit multiplication students worked on a complicated 2 digit by 1 digit […]

Friday November 3, 2017

 This week in 4D… Ms. Lam joined us to lead our second ‘Tinkering’ session where students had to design, create and test a container to hold an egg that would withstand a drop of 2 metres 4D did an amazing job organizing their own Halloween party – all committees are to be congratulated for their […]

‘Pathways to Success’ info from Guidance Team

Dear Parents: The Guidance Team is pleased to invite you to the “Pathways to Success”  information evening on Thursday, November 9th starting at 6:30 p.m. in the LLAC (with refreshments at 6:00p.m.). This evening will outline the Upper School Guidance program, which helps prepare students for their postsecondary and career goals. The Guidance Team will […]

Friday October 27, 2017

This week in 4D… in math centres this week students worked on creating geometry dictionaries, building 3D shapes from nets and creating 3D skeletons, completed a ‘Building Views’ challenge, worked on Mathletics geometry tasks, and continued with our 2D shape toothpick challenges we determined the multiplication facts that students should work on first, ideally practicing […]

Message from LS Counsellor

Coffee Morning – Bilingualism in Children: Separating Fact from Fiction Join us for a presentation focuses on the nature of bilingual development; ESL & language delay; the benefits of bilingualism; and common myths & misconceptions.” Join us on Tuesday, October 24  (8am-10am) in the LLAC with Arthur Fang, a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist. Please RSVP. Lora lee Lower School Guidance Counsellor Grade 3-Grade […]

Friday October 20, 2017

This week in 4D… we finalized our goals this week and have shared them in the student Red Binder folders on their Drives after completing an experiment to test strength of 3D shapes, students learned that a cylinder is the strongest – see if they can explain why! in our Process Journals we created a […]

Field Trip Tomorrow!

Just a reminder… Our Field Trip to the Hong Kong Museum of History is tomorrow. Our class has decided to wear their regular summer uniforms (not PE). Students should bring: snack & lunch (lunch is provided only if student is school lunch) water bottle hat backpack to hold these items We will depart school at […]

Friday October 13, 2017

This week in 4D… we started the week with a multi-digit addition math challenge we are in the process of publishing our ‘Family/Value’ writing Ms. Fung joined our class to support students as they added the Red Binder menu to their online portfolios using WordPress on Thursday morning we visited Mr. Sharp’s Pre-Reception class to […]

Friday September 29, 2017

This week in 4D… we spent some time preparing for 3 Way Learning Conversations by looking at different aspects of school and identifying strengths and things to work on I continued to pull small reading groups out, focusing on reading with fluency and vocabulary we completed a Place Value summative task requiring students to problem-solve, […]

Friday September 22, 2017

This week in 4D… in our math centres we have been working on both Place Value tasks and multi-digit addition and subtraction we completed a reading comprehension focusing on gaining meaning from non-fiction text small groups have been meeting to read with me, with a focus on reading with fluency, exposure to unfamiliar vocabulary, and […]

Thursday September 14, 2017

This week in 4D… we began a unit on Place Value and rotated around G4 classrooms to work on specific skills The Lower School guidance counselor, Ms. Lora Lee, came to our classroom on Monday and explained how the brain works Ms. Fung joined our class on Tuesday for an introduction to Coding using the […]

Friday September 8, 2017

This week in 4D… we completed 3 MAP testing sessions students worked on their ‘Thumbprint/Values’ Writing project and they are looking quite good! we completed a summative task for patterning in Math, students finished a prior-knowledge task for Place Value we began to explore larger number, how to write them in expanded notation, say them […]

Class Parent

4D is looking for someone (or a small group) to act as ‘class parent’. Responsibilities would mainly be coordinating a few class celebrations throughout the year. If you are interested please send me an email. Thanks!  

MAP Testing Schedule

Dear Parents, The Grade 4 students will be taking the MAP test this week. Our test schedule is listed below: Monday 9:30 – Reading Thursday 9:30 – Math Friday 9:30 – Language   To prepare for the test, please ensure your child does the following: Get a good night’s sleep Eat a healthy breakfast Bring […]

Friday September 1, 2017

  This week in 4D… we continued exploring patterns using hundreds charts, calculators, and through problem solving questions students rotated through math centres to consolidate understanding of patterning in numbers we had 1:1 writing conferences to look at ways to improve our writing good copies of our ‘Figure Me Out’ math activity were completed we […]

Friday August 25, 2017

This week in 4D… students rotated through 5 differentiated math centres related to patterning and algebra we worked through the writing process to produce our second draft of ‘Letters from Grade 3 Teachers’ students solidified and signed the classroom Essential Agreement and Essential Agreement for Computers we read several books related to our unit, identifying […]

Friday August 18, 2017

What a busy week! Everyone is settling in nicely and we had some great opportunities this week to learn more about each other. Here’s a quick summary of highlights from the week: We participated in many cooperative activities to create a sense of community in the classroom. 4D developed an Essential Agreement & spent time practising routines […]