Friday June 8, 2018

This week in 4D… we continued with our review of math concepts from the year students completed and presented their novel study commercials students shared their iTime projects with each other we met with our learning buddy classes to wish them a wonderful summer we had a great 4D party which students organized themselves! we […]

Friday June 1, 2018

This week in 4D… we completed our final rotations of probability centres students have been working on their second novel study, reading as a group and completing comprehension activities we have been exploring what makes an effective ad and critically evaluating both old and current ads students worked together to create advertisements for CDNIS after […]

Friday May 25, 2018

This week in 4D… we had our final session of Body Science with Ms. Williams students have been rotating through probability centres we completed a reading comprehension exercise related to our unit in groups of 5 students analyzed and annotated a persuasive text, they then formed new groups to share their findings with others we […]

Friday May 18, 2018

This week in 4D… we completed all of our presentations on issues causing instability in ecosystems students completed their second body science session using 2 dice we created a chart to determine the probability of rolling each number from 2-12 we explored the vocabulary used when talking about probability of events occurring students shared the […]

Friday May 11, 2018

This week in 4D… we began inquiring into our new unit by analyzing advertisements we completed 1 of 3 Body Science sessions with Ms. Williams students developed a presentation rubric which we then used to peer assess our STP presentations as we complete some final fraction and decimal activities, we are beginning to look at […]

Friday May 4, 2018

This week in 4D… we continued working on our research and presentations for Sharing the Planet we have been learning about ways in which people are taking action to help ecosystems and the environment our first novel studies are almost complete, students’ final activity was to work on a summary of the book and give […]

Friday April 27, 2018

This week in 4D… students completed 3 sessions of MAP testing in the areas of reading, math, and language we spent time preparing evidence for the Student-Led Learning Reviews continuing with novel studies, students read together with their groups, discussed details of the novel together, and completed a variety of literacy activities related to their […]

Friday April 20, 2018

This week in 4D… students rotated through various fraction and decimal centres as we worked towards consolidating concepts this week we began group research projects about the causes of instability in ecosystems, with each group focusing on a different environmental issue we read Wolf Island as a class and discussed/recorded ideas about who/what was responsible […]

Friday April 13, 2018

This week in 4D… we have explored various symbiotic relationships in ecosystems in our math work we have been focusing on identifying equivalent fractions and reducing fractions we have also been working on adding and subtracting with decimals Ms. Fung joined us this week for another session of robotics we began novel studies – over […]

Novel Studies

Dear Parents, This week we will begin some novel studies/literature circles. We have focused a lot on non-fiction text this year and this will be a great change and chance for us to study some well-known fictional text. We will have Ms. Calanchini assisting us with these and to create more space in our class, […]

Thursday March 29, 2018

This week in 4D… we started the week with a visit to the G7 classrooms where we listened to science presentations related to our current UOI on Monday afternoon we were lucky enough to get seats to the Suessical Dress Rehearsal students have been inquiring into different ecosystems and gathering information about organisms within and […]

Friday March 23, 2018

This week in 4D… we started the week with a reflection Blog Post about camp students completed a spelling check-in activity and we worked through some frequently misspelled patterns to end the HWOO unit, students presented their case studies on natural disasters to the class we completed a final unit assessment and reflection in math […]

Book Swap – Thursday March 22

Yippee! The Book Swap for grades 3-6 will be Thursday, March 22nd, before school in the 12th floor cafeteria! Students can bring in books to swap one-for-one. How easy is that?!? If they don’t have any books to exchange, they can pay $10 for a used book. Kids can also use their leftover Flower Fair tokens at a rate […]

Friday March 9, 2018

This week in 4D… most students managed to complete their blueprints for their buildings, including the calculations for Perimeter and Area of each room and building in total we began literacy centres targeting some specific needs with regards to handwriting, grammar, summarizing, spelling and typing skills on Tuesday we were able to attend the Grade […]

Friday March 2, 2018

This week in 4D… we revisited the important components of a narrative and students continued working on their writing using our ‘I Survive’ mentor text, we read aloud and discussed good choices the author made we continued with the floor plans of our houses and began to calculate area and perimeter of rooms with a […]

Flower Fair Tomorrow

Just a reminder that the Flower Fair is taking place tomorrow. 4D will visit the fair from 8:30 – 9:00am. Tokens have been delivered to the classroom for those who ordered them in advance.

Camp Presentation

Please click on the link to see the presentation that was given by camp providers today at the parent info session. CDNIS – School Presentation Don’t forget to complete the online registration to sign your child up for the camp! (link in presentation slides and on past blog post)


Camp Information Session The Treasure Island Camp information session for parents will be taking place tomorrow morning from 8am – 9am in the library pit. Please come along if you have any questions about camp this year. CNY Dress Down Week All week long students can wear Chinese dress if they wish. We will be […]