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Grade 3 Cultural Dance Videos

Hey Grade 3s,

What a great start to our unit, How We Express Ourselves!  Groups have been chosen and you guys are starting to learn a new dance from a different culture.

If you’d like to practice at home, you can find the dance instructional videos here. The songs that we’ll dance to are:

Hora – Hava Nagila

Freestyle/Funga – Waka Waka

Waltz – Under the Bridges of Paris

Cha Cha – Smooth

Tinikling – Tinikling Music

Hula – Hukilau

Sirtaki – Zorba


Happy practicing!


Lower School Musical – Summer Camp

summer camp pic

We are SUPER excited to be doing a musical in the Lower School this year!  Auditions for Summer Camp are on September 1, 2, and 4.

Please visit the LS Musical site: to find more information.

See you at auditions!
Ms K 🙂

Recorder Karate – Songs

For those of you who would like to practice in the summer, but forgot your music at school, look no further!

Remember: it’s not about just playing the song, we want to play it  well. That means we focus on proper fingering, playing the rhythm correctly, looooong breathing (if there are no breath marks, write them in!), and tonguing the notes (almost like you’re saying “ta” before each note).

School starts again in August – and I’ll be ready to test when you are!
Happy playing!
Ms K 🙂

hot cross buns

yellow - gently sleep

orange - merrily we roll along

green - it's raining

purple - old macdonald

blue-When the Saints go Marching In

red - twinkle twinkle

brown - amazing grace

black - ode to joy


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