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Final Call for Peter Pan Audition

Peter Pan Final Call
Dear Principal & Teachers,

Hope it finds you well. Thank you for passing the info of our 1st audition to your students earlier. Due to overwhelming responses, we have opened one more date for the Peter Pan Broadway Production , supported by AmCham on May 13th(Sat)! Students aged 5+ are welcome to join for a once in a lifetime experience this summer!

Enclosed please find the poster together with AUDITION FORM  We humbly request you to pass it onto your students or post up on the school intranet.

To know more about our production, Video Trailer can be found:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if further info is needed on this matter. Thank you for your attention.

Warm Wishes,

Mabel Cheung
Assistant Producer

Harmony Tree International
Hong Kong | Shanghai | Vancouver | New York

Coming soon to the Lower School: HOUSE DAYS!

In order to build House spirit and identity in the Lower School, we are beginning Lower School HOUSE DAYS on the middle Friday of each month. Students are asked to wear their PE uniform and House shirts, and at lunch time the cafeterias will be organized so that students can eat with others in their Houses. We look forward to the first Lower School House Day which will be on Friday, January 13.

Grade 5 Music Videos

Woot woot!

The last few weeks with Grade 5s have been exciting, stressful, SO FUN, and a lot of work (Their words, not mine). But the videos are done!

As part of How We Express Ourselves with the central idea “With connection to a wider audience comes great responsibility”, Grade 5 classes made a music video. 26 students involved in one project – what a super cool example of connection.

Each class brainstormed ideas for what message the world hear, and then decided on a song that would fit that theme. After that, the class chose different roles that were needed to make the music video possible. They came up with roles like this:



Then it was off to work! A filming date was set – and moved for some, thanks to the typhoon – but filming happened across the school, and all footage was given to the editors to put together in a creative way to get the message across.

You’ve GOT to see these videos!

You can find a video from each class here. Watch, comment, and enjoy!

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