Week 28:  March 20- March 24


We continued to explore what we share our world with.  The children painted and the teachers scribed what they know about our world.  Someone said, “Transformers!” and his friend corrected him, “No, that is in another world!”  Look for these next time you visit.

IMG_3635IMG_0605We also did some sensory play with shaving foam to make our own “world”.  After looking at the world map and globe, we noticed that there is more water than land.  The earth has different things on it so we have been busy going through magazines and cutting out pictures to put on the earths they made.

IMG_0489 IMG_0477 IMG_0462 Using the sticks, stones, and leaves that we gathered from the park last week we made an ocean (AM class) and jungle (PM class) habitats.  We brainstormed what to put in and the friends had many ideas to make it interesting:  plants, trees, sand, water, grass.  We were busy adding different parts and researched how these habitats would look.

YOU HAVE HOMEWORK!  We made pledges for Earth Hour that is happening tomorrow, March 25.  Please support this worldwide event by turning the lights off for one hour (8:30pm, some may be asleep already!) and talk about the small changes our little friends can do.  We made a class pledge but you can do a family/ individual pledge.  This link is about Earth Hour.  We watched this short video about the event and this Pocoyo video was very popular!

AM Pledge:  (all words were made by the class)

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 12.15.41 PM

PM Pledge:

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 2.23.05 PM

As we are getting into our Sharing the Planet unit we encourage the students to take action, as part of the PYP.   Action is when children take initiative to do something that is responsible and thoughtful.  It is often seen outside of the school environment.  Someone may ask to find out more about a celebration, or showing responsibility in taking care of the Earth.  If you notice your child taking action on their own, please add it to our padlet wall here!

Lights off!  IMG_0613

We would like to have an Easter celebration on April 3 for AM class and April 7 for PM class.  Please contact Michele from AM class and Shy from PM class if you are able to help us with our crafts, baking and egg hiding activities.  We will need 2-3 helpers and would like to have some healthy treats.

The Book Swap for Pre Rec-Grade 2 will be Thursday, March 30th before school in the 12th floor cafeteria! Students can bring in books to swap one-for-one.  If they don’t have any books to exchange, they can pay $10 for a used book. Kids can also use their leftover Flower Fair tokens at a rate of 2 tokens for 1 book. There will also be a selection of brand new books at reduced prices. So many easy, affordable ways to get “new-to-you” books! So please come to the 12th floor cafeteria before school on Thursday 30th March for the Pre Rec-Grade 2 Book Swap!

Repeat Item:  Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLR)

Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLR) will be hosted on Thursday, April 27 and Friday, April 28 (Pre Reception and Reception), and Friday, April 28 (Prep to Grade 5) . Parents can begin making their SLLR appointments Monday, March 27 (families with 2+ children in the LS) and Wednesday, March 29 (other LS families). 

Important Dates to Remember

March 20- Letter V

March 27 and 29- sign up for Student Led Learning Reviews

March 30- Aberdeen Reservoir Field Trip

April 4- Public Holiday, no school

April 27 and 28- Student Led Learning Reviews (1 hour time slot)

A note from the Lower School Admin Team:

Dear Lower School Parents,

We would like to share a few gentle reminders to parents for when they visit our school. While we strongly encourage and value parent involvement in our classrooms and at the school, there area few things we’d like parents to keep in mind in order to facilitate an optimal learning environment for students during the school day.

  • The 9/F playground is a huge hit with students, and it is becoming an increasingly popular place for parents to watch their kids. We ask that parents please observe their children from the 9/F foyer and not from the playground itself. The 11/F playground is also not a place to observe your children.

  • Students are not allowed to use the lift/elevator. Please remind your children the lifts are for adults only (parents and helpers welcome), unless the student has a lift pass or is being accompanied to the nurse. This “adults only in the lifts” rule also applies when children are late, not feeling well and when with their parents/helper.

  • In line with our school’s policies and procedures, please refrain from disciplining other people’s children. If parents witness a disagreement or misunderstanding between children at school, please inform a teacher, EA or Vice Principal. Also in accordance with our Parent Code of Conduct, please respect confidentiality by not speaking or messaging about other children, and instead reporting any concerns to a teacher or administrator.

  • The 8/F, 9/F and 10/F hallways are learning spaces; please wait for your children in the 9/F foyer and not in these other hallways or elevator areas.

  • All parents love taking pictures/videos of their children and capturing the special moments at school. Be it during a Spotlight performance, weekly assembly, on the sports pitch, our parents love to catch their child in action and sometimes share the pictures/videos they have taken on social media or with various WhatsApp groups. But please be mindful when snapping pictures of your child that other parents may not wish to have their child photographed/videotaped and their image shared around the world. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Thank you for your consideration and respect of the learning environment in these matters. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to touch base with a Lower School Vice Principal.


Lower School Admin Team

Week 27:  March 13-17

IMG_0315 We discussed “What do we share our world with?” to start our Sharing the Planet unit.  We asked How do we take care of our world?  Who and What lives in the world?  How do we look after the world?  Why is it important to share and take care of the world?   The teachers met with small groups of children to allow all voices to be heard to gather their prior knowledge.  Please click here for more information about this unit and what you can do to reinforce concepts at home. 

We visited the park across the road to gather information about what are some things we share our world with.  Unfortunately, we also saw an example of some areas of the park where people were not responsible.  It was unanimous that they liked the cleaner side better.  It was a good outing that allowed us to observe butterflies, ants, and birds and gather twigs, leaves and rocks.


We are going to the Aberdeen Reservoir on March 30.  Please let the teachers know by email if you are able to volunteer for our outing, we will only need 10 parent volunteers.  We will be coming to school as usual and taking the school bus there and back together.  We will be back in time for normal dismissal.


Repeat Item:  Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLR)

Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLR) will be hosted on Thursday, April 27 and Friday, April 28 (Pre Reception and Reception), and Friday, April 28 (Prep to Grade 5) . Parents can begin making their SLLR appointments Monday, March 27 (families with 2+ children in the LS) and Wednesday, March 29 (other LS families). 

Important Dates to Remember

March 20- Letter U

March 20- Last day to return field trip forms

March 27 and 29- sign up for Student Led Learning Reviews

March 30- Aberdeen Reservoir Field Trip

April 27 and 28- Student Led Learning Reviews (1 hour time slot)

Week 26:  March 6- March 10


We were between units so had a chance to do some math and language activities.  The children enjoyed the extra literacy and number games in addition to counting practice.

IMG_3106We learned a song about Snicker Snakes.  We used the socks to make sock puppets to sing along with.  Thank you for sending in the socks and other materials.  Next week we hope to use our puppets more and maybe have some puppet shows.

IMG_2053Using the ipad, we took photos to create a class book based on Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  We will email you a copy to read with your child once complete.  The friends had their photo taken with their special item, chose the layout and colours for their font, page and text box.  We have some children who are very comfortable on the ipad.  The app ‘Book Creator” also reads the text aloud.  We got some really big smiles when they heard their names read.

IMG_3176Thank you for your coming to the Alan Dick Community Day.  Photos can be found here.  We tried to capture everyone in the pictures but do apologise if we may have missed anyone.  It was a lovely morning that achieved it’s purpose of bringing the whole school together to celebrate the 25th birthday and remembering a well loved former principal.

WCH reservoir park

We will introduce our new unit of inquiry next week- Sharing the Planet.  We plan to visit the Wong Chuk Hang Reservoir Rest Garden across the road to to investigate some living things in our environment.  We would like to ask for 2 parent volunteers to assist us on this small outing.  Please email the teachers if you are able to come on Thursday, March 16 from 8 to 10am for the morning class and 12:20- 2:20 for the afternoon class.

Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLR)
Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLR) will be hosted on Thursday, April 27 and Friday, April 28 (Pre Reception and Reception), and Friday, April 28 (Prep to Grade 5) . Parents can begin making their SLLR appointments Monday, March 27(families with 2+ children in the LS) and Wednesday, March 29 (other LS families). Please click here to learn more from the Lower School Administration.

Important Dates to Remember

March 13- Letter Tt

March 13- CISPA Event Diane Frankenstein

March 16- Wong Chuk Hang Reservoir Rest Garden.  Please wear PE uniforms.  Apply suncream and mosquito spray before arrival.  Email teachers if you are able to volunteer.

March 27 and 29- sign up for Student Led Learning Reviews.  Details above.

March 30- Aberdeen Reservoir Field Trip (consent form to be sent home next week.  Details to follow)

April 27 and 28- Student Led Learning Reviews (1 hour time slot)

CISPA Guest Speaker

Diane Frankenstein, US based author of Reading Together:  Everything You Need to Know to Raise a Child Who Loves to Read, will be talking to parents about how to have meaningful conversations with children, helping them develop their capacity for empathy, compassion, and perspective.  The workshop is on Monday, March 13th at 8:30am in the library pit.
More information can be found at:  http://cispa.hk/2017/03/workshop-for-parents-g2-g6/

Week 25:  February 27- March 3

IMG_1829We painted by using straws to blow like a saxophone, tap with chopsticks like drum sticks, shook the paint with a marble like a tambourine.  The friends shared some writing to go with it.

We graphed how our favourite music makes us feel.  Most children enjoy music.  It was a good chance to talk about feelings and the friends were curious about the different feelings.  



The friends did some counting with one to one correspondence, identifying numbers and matching numbers to the item.  Some children could count very high!

We read a story called Wednesday where Little Round and Little Square are wonderful friends and they can make pictures together.  They did have a disagreement but eventually realised they were better together than apart.  With parts from Little Round and Little Square they were able to make wonderful pictures together.  We decided to make our own pictures with squares and circles too.


Next week we hope to make a class book based on Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  Please ask your child to share one special thing with the class- could be a book, toy, clothing, etc. 

Please send in an old sock for us to make a sock puppet (and materials like yarn, buttons, fabric, etc).sock puppet

Lower School Website: Eyes on Learning
In this week’s post to Eyes on Learning, Lower School VP Rob Grantham writes about building student leadership and community engagement through the LEAP program and in-house activities designed and facilitated by student leaders

Alan Dick Community Day/25th Anniversary Celebration

Alan Dick Community Day is combined this year with a celebration of our school’s 25th birthday!  This exciting event is on Thursday the 9th March. Please note all Pre Reception students will attend school in the morning. The event runs from 8:30 to 10:45am. If your child is picked up, please come to the classroom at 11:00am. School buses will depart at 11:00am for Pre-Reception and Reception students.  PM students should have received an email from Kwoon Chung to inform them of the morning pick-up and dismissal arrangements.  Unfortunately the bus company said that they will be unable to accommodate parents on the bus for this event.  Students should wear something pink and comfortable, and may also add their house colour.

February photos are up to date.  Please follow these links for AM and PM albums.

Important Dates to Remember

March 6- Return portfolios, Letter Ss, bring an old sock to make a sock puppet and share a favourite item

March 9- Alan Dick Community Day 8:30-10:45 .  Please see email sent on Tuesday and message above.

Week 24:  February 20-24

Portfolios went home Friday.   Please return it back to school BEFORE March 6 so that we can continue to add pieces to it.  These are a small glimpse of how your child spends his/her time at school.  We hope you enjoy listening to your child share his / her work with you.  We also emailed you individually a video link taken from the Chinese New Year holiday photo sharing.  Please let us know if you do not receive this or have trouble viewing it.

IMG_9790AM class visited the LLAC and enjoyed being performers and audience members.  Thanks Ms Holtet for taking our song requests!

IMG_2784We had an early years sing along this week to wrap up our music and movement unit.  The friends had a good time making music with the other pre reception class and reception children.

We experimented with pouring water and checking how the sounds change when tapping the glass.  The pouring part was really fun!


We listened to some sombre music and drew pictures to go with the mood.  Some children still felt happy, other expressed sadness or images of castles and cars. 


IMG_9812The PM class had a lovely afternoon with some new friends from grade 12.  It was good to see some really big friends who also go to our school playing and having fun like we do.  We hope the big kids will have space in their schedules to come again to play with our AM class.

We measured and marinated chicken wings in the AM cooking class.  Thanks to Alayna’s mom for taking this on.


What a fun Dress Down Day!  We have quite a range of characters.  What a lovely way to bring literature to life.


May F is learning about speaking in the early years this weekend.  It promises to be practical and useful for some of our students.  This is the speaker.

Important Dates to Remember

February 20- Bring something starting with the ‘Rr’ sound

Week 23:  February 13-17

IMG_9586 Thank you for supporting snack sharing day and sending Valentine cards to school.  We were impressed with some of the children’s ability to recognise their friends’ names, match them to their corresponding “letter box” and most importantly show their friends how they care about them. 

IMG_9664For inquiry we asked the children how to make music.  They had a lot to share:  different instruments, singing, using a mic, to name a few.  The friends were interested in creating a stage for performing so they researched what they would need to create a theatre- seating area, curtains, performers.  Jasmine said they would need tickets. 

IMG_1366The PM class visited the LLAC to study the stage and theatre.  We are fortunate to have the very talented Ms Holtet take requests and play some tunes on the piano for us to sing and dance.  The students chose to be audience members, performers or both.  Then the singers looked for good audience members and the audience talked about who were the excellent performers.  Due to scheduling, AM class will have their turn at the LLAC next week.

IMG_9498We placed some different instruments in our classroom for exploration.  We made some instruments using glass bottles and listened to how the sounds are different depending on how much water is inside.  Ethan, Stark and Harrison sparked the inquiry when they were presented with the empty bottles:  “Was there water inside before?  What will happen if we put more water in?”


IMG_2748We also played some music and the friends told their own story and they described how it made them feel.  The music showed how music changes and affects mood.  We were told some of the music made them scared, happy or sad or want to dance.  Next we played some music and drew to it.  Some friends were making patterns in music with the instruments at play time:  tap tap bang.

IMG_9632For fine motor development we have done some cutting activities this week:  cutting on lines and making necklaces that involved cutting hearts, using a hole punch, snipping straws and stringing the straws to make necklaces. 

We talked about patterns on Thursday!  Our clothes can have lots of interesting patterns.IMG_2700

Important Dates to Remember

February 20- Bring something starting with the ‘Qq’ sound

February 24- Dress Down Day.  Portfolios home

Lower School Parent Morning

Is your child struggling with attention and skills associated with executive functioning? Deficits in these skills can have a negative impact on their school performance. Join us on Feb 23 8am-9:30am at LLAC lobby with Dr. Rebecca K. Dogan and find out more on how to help your child manage and develop executive functioning skills necessary to succeed in school and at home. RSVP here.

Week 22:  February 7-10


It has been a week of caring, love and kindness.  We discussed what is Valentine’s day.  We made letter boxes in anticipation for the Valentine’s cards delivery next week.


We read the story about Pete the Cat who makes Valentine cards for people he cares about but in the end he forgot to make one for his friend.  But his friend explained that being together is the most important.  We also read a story: Friends Forever.  They described all the things friends can do together.  We had a centre for making cards in class too.  The students have been telling us about the cards they are preparing for their friends and they are very excited.  These friends are really showing that the giving is the best part.

IMG_9383Our counsellor, Ms C came to visit with (her puppets) Kelso and Lily.  They shared a story and gave the students strategies for solving small problems.  Also for cooling off, Ms C taught the students to take a deep breath like drinking a milkshake.  There is a video of that on twitter.  Kelso uses this wheel to make good choices.

kelso wheel

IMG_9304In math we introduced patterns- patterns we make with our bodies (with claps, taps, etc), with toys, with anything!  For some children it was only an introduction and they may not necessarily be able to replicate a repeating pattern.  Look for these in the upcoming portfolios.  Sometimes they may be making a pattern without even knowing it.  So talk about it.  On February 16- we would like to ask the children to wear something with a pattern.  It could be a t-shirt over or under the usual school uniform, hair accessory, socks, etc.

IMG_9344We made music with different every day items.  At this centre the children discovered that different objects could make sounds. 


Thank you to the parents of Nina and Luca for helping us make Valentine cookies on Thursday.  Also much appreciation to the parents of Greg, Avery and Lyra for showing us how to make honey joys.

Important Dates to Remember

February 13- Bring something starting with the ‘Pp’ sound

February 14- snack sharing day.  Please sign up here.  Bring Valentine cards for friends.

February 16- wear patterns!  stripes, dots, checkers, anything!

February 17- school as usual

February 24- Portfolios home