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Thursday and Friday work to do at home

Please find outlined the work that we would have done in class on Thursday and Friday.  It also includes some of the Home Learning that was due.   Most of the activities have links...

Lower School Closure 0

Lower School Closure

Dear Parents, Below you will find the letter from Mr Baird outlining the closure for all schools in Hong Kong.  Whilst this is unfortunate we will still be expecting students to work over the...


Hong Kong Issues

This week students had a tuning in activity which gave them a chance to write down their thoughts about issues they could see in 12 photos.  The photos were all based on issues around...


Exhibition Parent Meeting

Grade 6 PYP Exhibition Information Workshop The time for the PYP Exhibition has arrived!  Please come and join Susie Heinrich and Viv Wallace to find out what is it all about, how groups are...


Fun with Science

Today we had a chance to visit the Hub – Innovation Lab.  Students had science experiments that they had chosen to work on.  They needed to bring all of the resources themselves.  Thank you...


Sports Day

We were so lucky to escape the pollution on Tuesday.  What a great sports day.  Many individual champions in 6C but best of all, everyone had fun!!


New Math Focus -Geometry

Your child’s class is beginning a mathematics unit on geometry. Through daily activities, students will explore a variety of two-dimensional figures and three-dimensional objects to develop a deeper understanding of their attributes. Students will...

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