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Pancake and Pyjama Day

“This Friday is one of the biggest days in the Lower School – Pancake & Pajama Day!!! It’s a CDNIS tradition to put Lit Blitz to bed with this fun and yummy day! It’s...

Assembly live streaming 0

Assembly live streaming

Dear Parents   Live streaming is a powerful means of sharing and celebrating student learning, fostering parental engagement, and building community spirit.    The Grade 6C assembly will be live streamed and recorded this Friday via the school’s...


6C Assembly Invitation

Next Friday the 12th October will be the 6C Assembly.  We will be showcasing our Passions and Interests and parents are invited to attend.  It is best that parents are sitting down on red...


Science lesson in Upper School

This week some Grade 12 students led us through an experiment that looked at changing the formation of a protein through the use of an acid.  In this case – milk and lemon juice. ...


Whole Number Math focus

Dear Parents, Please find below some information regarding the current math unit involving whole numbers.  This may help you in knowing what the students are currently doing or about to do.

3 Way Learning Conversations 0

3 Way Learning Conversations

Dear Parents, Please find below information regarding the upcoming 3WLC which will take place next week. Students, teachers and parents come together as partners in the Learning Conversation. The Learning Conversation is an opportunity...


Science Provocation – How the world works

With our new unit having started, we used cooking as a provocation to kick things off.  Cooking with bacon was a great way to get students thinking about changes in matter and how the...


Math Patterns

During the week we had a chance to test out some of the skills we have learning about.  We were set 5 challenges which involved being able to find different patterns and represent them...


Chubby Chicken Party

What a great party!  We are now officially the Chubby Chickens.  Eating, Dancing and games were a highlight.  Buck, Buck, Buck

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