Week 35; 15th to 19th May.

Events Coming Up

Friday, May 26th – Dress Down Day and Friday Fun in the Forum.  The theme to be advised.

Tuesday, May 30th – Tuen Ng holiday.  No school.

Friday, June 2nd– Chinese assembly for gr 1  MFL students

Friday, June 2nd End of Year 1A Class Party – We will start the festivities at 11.30 with a class picnic lunch.  (Please cancel Maxims lunch that day) We will all eat together in the class then at 12.15 the whole of grade one will go to the LLAC to watch a movie.  We have to pay a copyright fee to watch the movie, so each grade one child needs to bring in $35 in an envelope with their name on the front.

Wednesday 8th June;  Last day of school.  School finishes usual time.

Events This Week. 

What a great Sports Afternoon.  The students had a very tiring but fun afternoon running, jumping, throwing, kicking, skipping, hopping and balancing on the various activities that our PE department had organised.  Thank you to the strong parents that took part in the final Tug-of-War!  It looks like the kids won though!


More Sports Day Photos Here 

In maths, we continued to look at fractions of a set and numbers.  We practised with manipulatives and shapes.  You can see student learning on your child’s portfolio too.  We also did a real life math investigation into describing shape in a Paul Klee painting and being his assistant.

In literacy, we started to do research into a living thing that we are curious about.  This research was done using books and looking at websites.  Even at this early stage of literacy, I still made sure that the students were citing sources correctly something that will stay with them the rest of their learning lives.  By showing your reader that you have done proper research by citing where the information came from is showing you are a responsible scholar.

In UOI, we focused on the many ways that scientist use to classify animals. Hopefully, your child can work out what classification different living things would be put into.  We started with vertebrates and invertebrates and then moved to classify further different animals based on their characteristics. maxresdefault
 Next week we will look at habitat.  This will build up knowledge to allow the students to understand how this helps living things survive


Photos of the Week Here 


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