Week 27; 13th to 17th March

Events Coming Up

Friday 31st March;  Dress Down Day.  Wear the sports uniform of a sport you play or love!  Money raised goes to a charity called Free to Run.

Tuesday 4th April;  Ching Ming Festival  No school.

Friday 7th April;  Break up for Easter Holiday.

Tuesday 18th April;  Teachers back for Professional Development

Wednesday 19th April;  Students Return to School.

Friday 28th April; Student Led Learning Review.  No school that day, parents accompany children to learning review at an allotted time.

NEW DATE; MONDAY 8th May;  GRADE 1A and 1C SPOTLIGHT: LLAC.  Please click here to take you to Ms Banusa’s Blog for more information.




We had such good feedback for our fabulous and meaningful bakesale.  Its good to have some more delicious competition to Maxim’s daily offerings.

 The Week’s Events

In maths, we looked at measuring weight both in non-standard and standard ways.  We used scales to find the approximate weight of different objects and worked out what 500g looked like compared to 1g and 50g.  We will use this knowledge next week to do some class baking.  We also revised the properties of 2d shapes, and next week we will start looking at the more simple 3d shapes and where we can find them in everyday places.   We also gave our brains some good exercises with Kids Sudoku. They are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or hate them.  Try the one below with your child.  I’ve also put one on as POW.  The solution under the POW tab.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 3.11.36 PM

In literacy, our explanation was about what is a gumball machine and how it works.   We are getting better at this genre of writing but still need to focus on making it more interesting as well as doing a proper introduction.   Our grammar focus continues to be adjectives and how they can improve our writing.  I will extend this further next week to investigate similes and metaphors which will lead nicely into our unit on poetry.

We are coming to the end of this UOI, and a lot of planning and research went into our summative task.  Students were given a choice of a medium where they could present their learning on this unit, Sharing the Planet.  Some students finished their work and have posted it to their blog. Please take a look.  Next week, we will start How We Express Ourselves, watch this space for the parent overview.



Message from the Lower School Counsellor Ms Chutke
Students have been experimenting with their choice of language, including words that they have categorised as ‘bad words’. This is a natural process as they are easily influenced by older siblings, older students and other social opportunities, and feel the need to share their new language with other students in the class.
Teachers have addressed this issue within their classes but want to reassure parents on what strategies they are using at school. Teachers are defining these ‘bad words’ as words people use when they are angry or frustrated and are giving other better options to the students to use, especially to start a sentence with ‘I am angry because _________.’
Teachers are not reacting with a consequence because the more they react when students choose these words, the more it teaches the students that these words have a lot of power. We would appreciate a partnership with this strategy.
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