Week 23; 13th to the 17th February.

Events Coming Up

Wednesday, February 22nd; Field Trip to Aberdeen Reservoir.  We will meet at the entrance to Aberdeen Country Park at 8.45am and head back to school around 11am

Friday, February 24: Dress Down Day.  The theme to be advised.

Friday, February 24;  Grade 1c Assembly.

Tuesday 28th February, Some of 1a students will visit the dentist. Either myself of Ms Pies will go.  Parents will receive an email letting them know if their child is going.

Events This Week 

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.17.39 AM

A big event was a visit from Plastic Free Seas who gave grade one a very informative presentation of the problem of plastic in the seas around Hong Kong.  We learned all about the damage our rubbish in Hong Kong is doing to our seas and ocean life.  As a grade, we are now passionate about reducing our plastic consumption as well upcycling our old refuse.  We made a plant pot from plastic bottles this week.   One small thing that we as grade can do is REFUSE a plastic straw when we go out to eat.

In maths, we did a lot of work looking at more strategies to help with mental addition and subtraction.  These included bridging through ten and adding and subtracting 9 and 11.  We also continued to work on solving real life word problems and other more abstract problems.  Can you do the one below?Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 9.18.39 AM

We also continued to learn how to code the Blue Bots and have also posted an explanation for you about what the students did and what the robots look like.

In literacy, we learned a new genre of writing called Explanation Writing. This writing style is used to explain how something works or the processes involved in actions, events or behaviours. Titles that use words like ‘how’ or ‘why’, will help readers to understand what the text is about and make them want to find out more.  We will be looking more closely at this genre in the coming weeks.  Please check your child’s school diary for their spelling words of the week.  We also posted a Love Is…. piece of writing on the portfolio’s, please check your child’s blog and send them a comment.

In UOI, we looked at non-fiction texts to research what our planet’s resources are and why they are not renewable.  Students were able to work out that water, the sun, the earth and air are all resources that we need to look after.  The next part is to go into more depth about each resource.  We started with water and looked at where it comes from, including the water cycle.  This will be the link for the field trip next week as we look at the reservoirs in Aberdeen Country Park.



Other Events

If you weren’t able to make the talk, the councillors had on the importance of sleep this week, here is the link to the slide show.
Lower School Parent Morning
Is your child struggling with attention and skills associated with executive functioning? Deficits in these skills can have a negative impact on their school performance. Join us on Feb 23 8am-9:30am at LLAC lobby with Dr. Rebecca K. Dogan and find out more on how to help your child manage and develop executive functioning skills necessary to succeed in school and at home. RSVP here.
Sign-up to audition for Student Showcases
Calling all musicians, singers, dancers, gymnasts, actors, poets and more! The Lower School Performing Arts Department is looking for talented Prep-Grade 6 students to perform in the Student Showcases on April 5-7. The showcase provides an opportunity for students to share their amazing talents in front of an audience of their peers. Auditions will be held after school in the Forum on March 1 and 2. If your child is interested, sign them up to audition in the form here.The last day to sign up for auditions is Thursday, February 23, 2017. If you have any questions please email Ashley Benusa at ashleybenusa@cdnis.edu.hk

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