Basketball and Soccer

by marcsteiner on October 31, 2011

From September to October the G4-6’s focused on basketball.  Under the Central Idea of “Success in games depends on skills, rules, strategies and sportsmanship.”, the students worked on improving their dribbling, passing, and shooting skills in a variety of games (“Pirates”, HORSE, 21, Round the World, 2-on-2 keep away, 3 on 3 matches, and full-court games). They had the opportunity to demonstrate good sportsmanship, how to follow the rules of the game and how to manipulate space effectively to create an advantage for their team on offense and defense.


The Grade 6’s are continuing to have the opportunity to practice these skills and strategies further by participating in lunch time basketball intramurals. The G6’s were also able to tie into their homeroom UOI and put into practice conflict resolution skills when participating in sports.

We have continued to focus on the same Central Idea in our soccer session.  I thoroughly enjoyed Curriculum Night on Sept. 22.  It was great to see the parents and have them participate in some of the activities that the students take part in. I had the opportunity to teach the Oct. Midterm break ECA and enjoyed working with the Pre-Reception to G6’s in the sports part of the programme.

More videos will be added soon.


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