What’s in our World-Week 27

by liamacoritto on March 19, 2017

We are getting our bodies and brains working together in our PMP lessons every Monday.  We’re hopping, rolling, throwing, crawling and trying many more movements, while working on problem solving, sensory perception, language and confidence!

PM class showed their enthusiasm and support for the Upper School Boy’s Football team and their recent tournament victory by making a cheering tunnel outside the classroom.  Both classes also cheered for delicious cooking activities, including healthy “green Juice” and sweet Dutch pancakes-thanks to the cooking parents!

We’re finding out what RB knows about what is in our world, and how we take care of it.  This is to start off our “Sharing the Planet” Unit of Inquiry.  Please go here to read more about how you can help with this meaningful learning.  We also created different ideas about what is in the world with painting, collage and drawing.

Please go here with your child to read about their learning this week:


Things to Remember:

  1.  We will be having a field trip to the Aberdeen Reservoir Children’s Walk as part of our Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry on Wednesday, March 29th.  This week a permission and information form will go home, please read over the information carefully, sign and return to school.  We will need 9 volunteers to come to school, ride with the students on the bus and take a group of 2 students around the walk.  Please let your class parent know if you are able to be a volunteer.  AM is from 8:30-10:00 and PM from 12:30-2:00.  If you are not on the volunteer list but would like to join the field trip you may meet us at the Reservoir.

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