Sharing Our World-Week 28

by liamacoritto on March 24, 2017

This week we found out about living things at our local community park.  We used inquiring tools and recorded what we found.  Friends were very enthusiastic and principled hiking up “the mountain” and sharing the park space!

RB is bringing in stories and photos about how they are responsible for animals, plants, and the environment at home.  We are communicating our ideas with pictures and words to get a better understanding of what it means to be responsible.  We introduced a sea animal environment in the water centre and a mud hole to explore! A  great link to home is to participate in Earth Hour, Saturday March 25th.  RB pledged to turn off their lights at home for an hour at a time they would usually have lights on!  We also talked about this story to share ideas of taking responsibility at home.

We buddied up with the Amnesty Club this week to create thank you cards to show our thankfulness for people in our lives.  Friends drew cards for family, aunties, friends, security guards, Upper School buddies, Santa, bus mothers to share their gratitude! We were especially proud of friends who thought of someone outside of their family to make a card to share.

Please go here with your child to read about their learning this week:


Things to Remember this week:

  1.  On Wednesday, March 29th Reception classes have a field trip the Aberdeen Reservoir Children’s Walk.  Students will be leaving from and returning to school on the bus to explore living things we share the world with.  Please send your child in their PE uniforms, along with a water bottle, small snack, insect repellant, sun screen if needed.  We have parent volunteers from each class joining us on the bus and at the walk.  If you wish to join and you are not volunteering, please meet us at the venue at 8:45 for AM and 12:45 for PM.
  2. A note from the Lower School Admin Team:

    We would like to share a few gentle reminders to parents for when they visit our school. While we strongly encourage and value parent involvement in our classrooms and at the school, there area few things we’d like parents to keep in mind in order to facilitate an optimal learning environment for students during the school day.

    • The 9/F playground is a huge hit with students, and it is becoming an increasingly popular place for parents to watch their kids. We ask that parents please observe their children from the 9/F foyer and not from the playground itself. The 11/F playground is also not a place to observe your children.

    • Students are not allowed to use the lift/elevator. Please remind your children the lifts are for adults only (parents and helpers welcome), unless the student has a lift pass or is being accompanied to the nurse. This “adults only in the lifts” rule also applies when children are late, not feeling well and when with their parents/helper.

    • In line with our school’s policies and procedures, please refrain from disciplining other people’s children. If parents witness a disagreement or misunderstanding between children at school, please inform a teacher, EA or Vice Principal. Also in accordance with our Parent Code of Conduct, please respect confidentiality by not speaking or messaging about other children, and instead reporting any concerns to a teacher or administrator.

    • The 8/F, 9/F and 10/F hallways are learning spaces; please wait for your children in the 9/F foyer and not in these other hallways or elevator areas.

    • All parents love taking pictures/videos of their children and capturing the special moments at school. Be it during a Spotlight performance, weekly assembly, on the sports pitch, our parents love to catch their child in action and sometimes share the pictures/videos they have taken on social media or with various WhatsApp groups. But please be mindful when snapping pictures of your child that other parents may not wish to have their child photographed/videotaped and their image shared around the world. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Thank you for your consideration and respect of the learning environment in these matters. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to touch base with a Lower School Vice Principal.

    3.The Book Swap for Pre Rec-Grade 2 will be Thursday, March 30th before school in the 12th floor cafeteria! Students can bring in books to swap one-for-one.  If they don’t have any books to exchange, they can pay $10 for a used book. Kids can also use their leftover Flower Fair tokens at a rate of 2 tokens for 1 book. There will also be a selection of brand new books at reduced prices. So many easy, affordable ways to get “new-to-you” books! So please come to the 12th floor cafeteria before school on Thursday 30th March for the Pre Rec-Grade 2 Book Swap!

    4.  If you will be leaving early or extending your Spring Break holidays, please inform us so we may notify the school nurse and plan accordingly.

    5.  Please mark the dates of April 27th and 28th in your calendars.  Reception students will have their Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLRs) on these days, where children take responsibility for guiding families through their learning.  Each session will last up to 45 minutes. Students come to school only for their scheduled 1 hour time on these two days.  More information about the reviews will be coming soon, and next week parents will be asked to start the sign up process. Watch a video from last year on the right of this page to get a taste of the SLLRs!

What’s in our World-Week 27

by liamacoritto on March 19, 2017

We are getting our bodies and brains working together in our PMP lessons every Monday.  We’re hopping, rolling, throwing, crawling and trying many more movements, while working on problem solving, sensory perception, language and confidence!

PM class showed their enthusiasm and support for the Upper School Boy’s Football team and their recent tournament victory by making a cheering tunnel outside the classroom.  Both classes also cheered for delicious cooking activities, including healthy “green Juice” and sweet Dutch pancakes-thanks to the cooking parents!

We’re finding out what RB knows about what is in our world, and how we take care of it.  This is to start off our “Sharing the Planet” Unit of Inquiry.  Please go here to read more about how you can help with this meaningful learning.  We also created different ideas about what is in the world with painting, collage and drawing.

Please go here with your child to read about their learning this week:


Things to Remember:

  1.  We will be having a field trip to the Aberdeen Reservoir Children’s Walk as part of our Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry on Wednesday, March 29th.  This week a permission and information form will go home, please read over the information carefully, sign and return to school.  We will need 9 volunteers to come to school, ride with the students on the bus and take a group of 2 students around the walk.  Please let your class parent know if you are able to be a volunteer.  AM is from 8:30-10:00 and PM from 12:30-2:00.  If you are not on the volunteer list but would like to join the field trip you may meet us at the Reservoir.

Alan Dick Day and Happy Birthday CDNIS-Week 26

March 12, 2017

This week we celebrated our beloved Principal Alan Dick and CDNIS’ 25th birthday with a special activity day on Wednesday.  Thank you to the PM families for rearranging your schedules to attend the spirited event!  Our Upper School students buddied with Reception friends, and we heard friends were principled, caring, enthusiastic and good communicators-well done […]

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Solving Problems in RB-Week 25

March 3, 2017

This week Kelso and Lily (our frog friends) helped us tell stories about solving problems with our friends.  We used story prompts to act out in groups and choose a strategy to help solve the problem.  We have this centre open at the puppet stage for friends to practice.  Ask your child about the problems […]

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Alan Dick Community Day/25th Anniversary Celebration

February 28, 2017

Alan Dick Community Day/25th Anniversary Celebration This year Alan Dick Community Day is combined with a celebration of our school’s 25th birthday!  This exciting event is on Thursday, March 9th. Please note All Reception students (AM and PM) will attend school in the morning. The event runs from 8:30 to 10:45am. If your child is picked up, please come the classroom at 11:00am. […]

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Sing Along with RB-Week 24

February 26, 2017

RB has been learning with buddies across the Grades. Both classes enjoy learning time with their Grade 6 friends, and this week PM had a special Gr 12. collaboration where they created art, read stories and played on the playground.  We hope to continue this relationship as both student groups benefit, and it was a lot of fun! […]

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Beautiful Music in RB-Week 23

February 19, 2017

Have you heard the beautiful music coming from RB?  This week artists were finding out more about how people use creativity to express themselves.  Friends explored a water centre with bottles and chopsticks to make a “bottle xylophone”.  They also listened to various types of music and created a group mural by drawing with the […]

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Welcome back RB-Week 22

February 10, 2017

Welcome back RB! This week we spoke about, listened to and wrote stories about our Chinese New Year holiday.  We began creating our own musical instruments from reusable materials as part of our How We Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry.  Friends were showing creativity in their designs and cooperating to share their materials.  Some were […]

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Warm Wishes in Red and Gold-Week 20

January 22, 2017

The opening of our classroom musical theatre was a highlight of this week.  We used our stage, background and props to create music, with instruments and our voice.  Friends were risk taking as performers, or being open minded in the audience! We started to explore nonstandard measurement this week, using tools such as blocks, links […]

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Making our Way to the Year of the Rooster-Week 19

January 15, 2017

How do some families celebrate Chinese New Year?  This week we explored some of our wonderings and created decorations including sparkling paintings, red signs and lycee pockets.  We read stories to find out more about traditions, including My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz.  We welcomed families in to help us make delicious veggie […]

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