Beautiful Music in RB-Week 23

by liamacoritto on February 19, 2017

Have you heard the beautiful music coming from RB?  This week artists were finding out more about how people use creativity to express themselves.  Friends explored a water centre with bottles and chopsticks to make a “bottle xylophone”.  They also listened to various types of music and created a group mural by drawing with the music.  We’ve proudly hung the murals in our classroom!

We continued measuring mass this week, and also did some graphing to find out how music makes us feel. We explored new centres such as large puzzle building and the light table.  We focussed on how to share a new space and be responsible for materials.

We’re loving the Mystery Reader activities during Library time!  Thank you to all the parents who have, or soon will volunteer their time to read with Reception B.  The children come back from Library brimming with excitement over who the reader was and details of the stories they read! In class we enjoyed reading “Mortimer” by Robert Munsch, which provided plenty of opportunity for the children to create their own sounds as they read.  We also shared ideas for songs we want to “jam to” with our hand-made instruments as we sing along with all of the Pre Reception and Reception friends next week!

Here are pictures from this week to share with your child:

RBAM        RBPM

Things to Remember this week:

  1. Please remember to wear PE clothes every Monday (as well as Music and Movement days) for our Perceptual Motor Programme (PMP) activities.
  2. Friday, February 24th is Dress Down Day-wear your regular comfortable clothes with a donation or school uniform.
  3. On Friday, February 24th students will take home their portfolio and it may remain at home for up to 2 weeks.   Please make sure to bring in a reusable bag on this day.
  4.  Dr. Minna Chau spoke on Feb. 16th at the Parent Workshop-Sleep and Learning
  5. We’re creating “Action Walls” at school in RB and we need your help.  Action is when children take initiative to do something that is responsible and thoughtful.  It may often be seen outside of the school environment.  Someone may ask to find out more about a certain kind of music they’re listening to (as a result of our Music and Movement Unit), or ask to plan a celebration for someone new, or as we come into our next unit of inquiry, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to be responsible for taking care of the Earth.  If you notice your child taking action on their own, take a photo or write us a message and we will add it to the Action Wall to document and celebrate their learning!

Welcome back RB-Week 22

by liamacoritto on February 10, 2017

Welcome back RB! This week we spoke about, listened to and wrote stories about our Chinese New Year holiday.  We began creating our own musical instruments from reusable materials as part of our How We Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry.  Friends were showing creativity in their designs and cooperating to share their materials.  Some were curious as to how a box or a bag can create sound.  We were keen to try out the instruments, and will be using them as part of an Early Years’ singalong very soon!

This week we talked about the mass of objects, or how heavy or light something is.  We used balance scales to measure things in the classroom that are heavy, light or the same mass and talked or wrote about our findings.

We welcomed Ms. C, our guidance counsellor, as well as Kelso and Lily, our frog friends, to talk about making choices to help each other. We read a story about the frogs and shared our ideas about real life situations that happen with our friends in the classroom and on the playground.  Ask your child to share some of the choices they would try when they have a “small problem”.






We read stories and sang new songs with a music making theme, including I Am the Music Man and I Love You! A Bushel and a Peck by Rosemary Wells.  We introduced Valentine making opportunities at the Drawing/Art Centre.  Friends were excited to create valentines for friends and put them in their school mailboxes.  Families may be receiving a special valentine treat soon!  Some friends also inquired into whether CNY plants could be grown outside.  They planted and watered the plants and made predictions as to what might happen…

IMG_1761 IMG_1766





Here are pictures from this week and the week of Jan. 23rd to share with your child:

RBAM Jan 23         RBAM Feb 6

RBPM Jan 23         RBPM Feb 6

Things to Remember this Week:

  1.  On Monday, Feb. 20th we will be starting the Perceptual Motor Programme at school.  Please read here to find out more about these experiences to develop motor and perception skills.  Your child needs to wear their PE uniform every Monday until further notice to allow them to move their body with ease!
  2. Parent Coffee Morning-

    Please join us on Thursday, Feb 16 from 8am -9:30am in the LLAC Lobby for a talk on one of the most challenging parenting tasks – sleep management with  Dr. Minna Chau. In this talk, Dr. Minna Chau will share the latest research on the function of sleep and practical strategies for your child to get the right amount of sleep they need.

    RSVP here.

  3. Friday February 17th is school as usual for PR and Reception students.  Please disregard the No School message in the CISPA calendar.
  4. As the cooler weather continues, please make sure names are in all outerwear-students should be wearing CDNIS issued clothing.  Take some time at home to work on zipping, buttoning and being more independent with packing their bags with extra clothing items.  Your child will feel a sense of pride as they learn to do it themselves!

Warm Wishes in Red and Gold-Week 20

January 22, 2017

The opening of our classroom musical theatre was a highlight of this week.  We used our stage, background and props to create music, with instruments and our voice.  Friends were risk taking as performers, or being open minded in the audience! We started to explore nonstandard measurement this week, using tools such as blocks, links […]

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Making our Way to the Year of the Rooster-Week 19

January 15, 2017

How do some families celebrate Chinese New Year?  This week we explored some of our wonderings and created decorations including sparkling paintings, red signs and lycee pockets.  We read stories to find out more about traditions, including My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz.  We welcomed families in to help us make delicious veggie […]

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New Beginnings in RB-Week 18

January 7, 2017

RB-my how I’ve missed you!  This week I’ve been warmly welcomed back to school with hugs, big smiles and great questions about my son Gus.  We are so fortunate to have had Mr. Jack and Ms. Safene taking the reins while I was on adoption leave, and we look forward to seeing Mr. Jack-in-the-Beanstock in the school […]

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December 22, 2016

                Greetings from sunny Waiheke Island in New Zealand! I just wanted to touch base and recap our last week at school before everyone is far removed (hopefully!) from internet, email and smartphones for some quality with your wonderful children and families over Christmas. We had a great […]

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Thinking in RB – Week 16

December 11, 2016

                Dear Parents, We’ve had another great week of learning and experiences in Reception B. There has been lots of crafts, fun and time spent outside enjoying this amazing December weather. The focus has been on Christmas celebrations, which has involved reading lots of Christmas books, lots of […]

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Thinking in RB – Week 15

December 4, 2016

                  Dear Parents, We are fast approaching the end of the school term here in Reception B and with that comes the excitement of Christmas and the various celebrations that go with it. We have started to shift our focus in the homeroom to Christmas; practicing Christmas […]

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Thinking in RB – Week 14

November 25, 2016

Dear Parents, Thanks for taking the time to come in for parent – teacher conferences, it was very beneficial being able to touch base with you about the development of your children so far this year. In February the student portfolios will be sent back home again with some updated examples of learning we have […]

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Thinking in RB – Week 13

November 20, 2016

Dear Parents, It’s been great seeing many of you at the parent conferences this week and I am looking forward to meeting with the remaining parents this coming Monday. Our materials unit is wrapping up and I can tell the children have had an enjoyable time inquiring into the materials they interact with during their […]

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