Reflecting in RB-Week 36

by liamacoritto on May 28, 2017

IMG_2239As we reflect on our year of learning, RB shared stories of their favourite centres, activities, friends and more.  We wrote stories for our portfolios as a way to remember this year.  Playground, building centres, celebrations, and fabulous friends featured heavily in our stories.  We are very proud of RB friends risk taking in their writing, having a go at adding more detail to their pictures and creating messages!

We shared our experiences and read stories about the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, and during Chinese we had a special guest parent sharing his dragon boating traditions complete with real wooden paddles!  Friends were inspired to build boats with lego and various materials including cardboard and metal.  They were keen to test their creations in the water centre to see if they float or sink!

IMG_1528We enjoyed cooking veggie burgers and veggie sushi this week-many thanks to parents who came in to organise and help with this!  We ended the wild weather week with a Dress Down Day to raise money for the NGO Kristen’s Zoo. We had a blast guessing our favourite animals, their habitats and food!


Please read the photos with your child to share their learning from this week:


Things to Remember this week:

  1.  Please join us at the RB end of year celebration on Friday, June 2nd!  Be sure to refer to the permission form for details as to where, when and other important items to bring.  We look forward to celebrating with all of you on Friday! This celebration will be the school day-there are no classes at school on Friday.
  2. Portfolios are going home (to keep) in the last week of school.  If your child’s portfolio is still at home, please return it to school as soon as possible so we can add new pieces to share your child’s growth through the year.
  3.  UnknownOn Wednesday, June 7th we will have a water fun day for all of Reception on the playground. Please send your child in their regular swimming clothes (bathing suit underneath with PE uniform on top), a towel and spare underwear. Please have them wear flip flops or croc-type shoes that can get wet. Hats and sunscreen are a must! (Please note this is a student only event).

Risk Takers in the RB Spotlight-Week 35

by liamacoritto on May 21, 2017

We began this week with an exploration of the Arts Centre Stage in preparation for Wednesday’s Spotlight. RB friends learned about using the space on stage, creating larger movements and expressions and practised various songs and dances they’ve learned throughout the year.  We couldn’t have been prouder as friends shared their learning with families, friends, learning buddies and teachers on Wednesday!  Big thank yous go out to our families that were in the audience dancing and singing along, and to Ms. Salvador for her creativity and excellent direction.  We hope the RB community will share their photos of this special day!

We took some time to create “head-to-toe” portraits this week, the beautiful results of which will be shared in the portfolios in June.  We know these will be ones for the memory box!  We also have been talking about getting our classroom ready for the new students coming into RB next year, and have been organising, sorting and checking materials as part of our responsibility to new friends.  On Friday we took home one of our seed plantings.  As scientists, we discussed possibilities if the seeds don’t grow-what might  be the problem, and what we would try next time or do differently.  Friends showed their flexibility and maturity as they observed how some seeds grew and some did not.

Please read the photos with your child to share their learning from this week:


Things to Remember this Week:

1. RB’s end of year celebration will be held on Friday, June 2nd.  Your child will take home a permission form on Monday for this event.  Please sign and return by Friday, May 26th.  Our class parents have kindly arranged a fun event to commemorate moving on to the next step of learning, we hope everyone will be able to join us!  Please contact Michelle or Claire if you have any questions about getting to the event, food, payment, etc.

2. Feedback about Transition Presentations

Thank you to the parents that took time away from busy schedules to join us for the Transition Workshops (Rec to Prep and Prep to Gr 1). Please let us know how we can improve these presentations for next year and any additional questions you may have. Thank you in advance for filling out this 5 minute survey. Here is the survey.  Some of you have asked for the resources so here is the Rec to Prep, Prep to Gr 1 and Resilience.

Marvellous Moms in RB-Week 34

May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day to our RB Moms!  We hope you’re enjoying a relaxing day, and have been surprised by a few treasures from RB friends!  We thought long and hard, and were very committed to making something special for our Moms-you deserve it! We continued taking responsibility for our plants this week, watering the seeds […]

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Folk Singing in RB-Week 33

May 5, 2017

As confusing as this week has been with public holidays and school days, RB friends were great communicators speaking about their adventures and writing stories.  They created messages for their Gr. 6 Learning buddies to be stored in a time capsule and opened when the students are in Gr. 12! RB wished their buddies would “have […]

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Terrific Teachers in RB-Week 32

April 28, 2017

This week RB friends were risk takers, leading their student families around the school learning spaces as part of their first (or second) Student Led Learning Reviews (SLLRs)!  We had some great feedback from student parents: “We love to see her so happy and enthusiastic about school!”  “It was good for her to verbalise her […]

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Picking up on Paws-Week 31

April 21, 2017

RB friends were back from Spring Break with interesting stories to share!  We wrote these holiday stories in our journals to read with our friends.  We also welcomed Professor Paws (Animal Asia) to our classroom, and we met Sunny (and Chiu B in the AM).  Ask your child about how to meet a dog, and what our […]

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Parent Workshop , Special Dress Down Day News

April 19, 2017

URGENT:  April 21st Parent Workshop Cancelled It is a busy time and unfortunately, we did not have enough parents sign up to be able to offer the extensive parent workshop we had planned for this Friday, April 21st. We have a Prep to Gr1 and Rec to Prep Transition Parent Workshop in May so will add an optional […]

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New Life in RB-Week 30

April 7, 2017

We began this week in PMP style, balancing, rolling, crawling and aiming our way through different centres.  RB friends are getting very creative in suggesting different ways to extend and vary movements, and work together in their teams. We collected seeds from our produce at home, and some friends chose to observe and sort the […]

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Adventures in Aberdeen-Week 29

April 2, 2017

We are continuing our exploration of how we share the world with plants and animals this week.  RB created favourite animal models with plasticine, explored some fruit that contained seeds (inspired by our reading of “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle), and observed and noted changes in a caterpillar brought in by Furla.  We were […]

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Sharing Our World-Week 28

March 24, 2017

This week we found out about living things at our local community park.  We used inquiring tools and recorded what we found.  Friends were very enthusiastic and principled hiking up “the mountain” and sharing the park space! RB is bringing in stories and photos about how they are responsible for animals, plants, and the environment […]

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