Welcome to 5B!

Hello and Welcome to 5B! Our blogpost is under construction and waiting for new 5B students to help me design our blog! See you on Monday! M [...]

Home Learning Assignments

Dear 5B, I hope everyone is well. Here is your home learning. Here is what you will need to do for home learning. I am also going to send th [...]

Week in Review 2nd February

5B have had a major breakthrough this week! We now have all of our robots able to walk, on their new legs, for 8 metres. We also have redefi [...]

Fashion Show with 5B Robotics Special

Yes talent tickets & letter to parents [...]


Dear Parents,   As you know Grade 4, 5 and 6 will be starting swimming next week as part of their PE Programme. Please note the following: [...]

Week in Review 26th January

5B — you were very active this week! All of 5B have written very interesting and informative blogs about the many activities they were [...]

Grade 5 Sportsday

Dear 5B Please have a good look at our itinerary for sports day which is next Tuesday, 23rd of January. GRADE 56 SPORTS DAY 2018 (1) [...]

Week in Review 12th January

Happy New Year to our 5B Family! Our first two weeks back have been productive and innovative. There are some key highlights to share and al [...]

Happy Holidays Boomshakalakas!

WE have had the greatest term! We started keen to learn and grow as an amazing team and we achieved all we set out to do and more! To show t [...]

Week in Review 1 December

It’s hard to believe that the first term is nearly finished. 5B has accomplished so much. This week our unit of inquiry involved using [...]

Week in Review 17th November

It has been another great week for the Boomshakalakas! We started our new unit of inquiry, How We Organise Ourselves. A new programme overvi [...]
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