Welcome to 5B!

Hello and Welcome to 5B! Our blogpost is under construction and waiting for new 5B students to help me design our blog! See you on Monday! M [...]

Week in Review 11 May

Hello to the 5B community. This week we had several things on the go. Here is a quick review of what we have achieved: We have now written t [...]

Week in Review 4th May

Well it has been another busy week for us here in 5B. This week we started our new unit of inquiry, How the World Works. We began by conduct [...]

Important Message from CISPA

Labelling To facilitate finding lost items, we strongly encourage you to label all items with the student’s first and surname.   Items th [...]

Week in Review 13 April

Welcome back from the break! 5B came back refreshed and ready to learn which was great to see. We are still working on our UOI, WWPT, and ha [...]

Week in Review 23rd March

Hello Everyone, We were incredibly busy this week. Here is a summary of what 5B got up to! Maths: We have now finished our studies on patter [...]

Book Swap this Thursday!

Please follow the following link to learn more about the Book Swap this week:   http://sites.cdnis.edu.hk/school/juniorlibrary/2018/03/ [...]

Week in Review 9th March 2018

5B had another amazing week. A true highlight of the week was the fashion show where 5B was able to show off not only the lovely designs the [...]

Week in Review 2 March

Welcome back after a  long CNY break. I hope everyone in 5B had a great break and that everyone is staying healthy. Here is a quick recap o [...]

Home Learning Assignments

Dear 5B, I hope everyone is well. Here is your home learning. Here is what you will need to do for home learning. I am also going to send th [...]

Week in Review 2nd February

5B have had a major breakthrough this week! We now have all of our robots able to walk, on their new legs, for 8 metres. We also have redefi [...]
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