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  • 14/02/2019 - karenkee

    G6 MSL on Feb 14

    1. Retelling story Assessment tomorrow choose either 《爸爸变了》or 《互联网真有用》of your preferences apply the given phrases by the side of the pictures when retelling the story in your own words meaningfully and in sequence. 20 minutes will be given in class to complete the screen recording 2. Online Reading Trial (Link) Enjoy the stories selected for […]

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  • 13/02/2019 - karenkee

    G6 MSL on February 13

    1. Write about your CNY holiday use at least 5 out of the 7 given phrases due tomorrow 2. Coming WWPT assessments Feb 05 (Fri): Retell the story of your own choice Feb 12 (Fri): Write the selected words in red by memory (Story:”The internet is useful”)

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  • 28/01/2019 - karenkee

    G6 MSL on January 28

    WWPT SA preparation oral practice * See Jì Lǎoshī at CCC Ming classroom if you need further advice:tomorrow either morning recess or lunch recess

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  • 24/01/2019 - karenkee

    G6 MSL on January 24

    Revised Assessment Timeline Jan 25 Reading Comprehension Assessment Refer to WWPT Study Guide for revision. Jan 28 Writing Assessment Refer to WWPT Study Guide for planning the story-writing The writing should be connected to at least one economic activity At least 7 sentence patterns should be applied in the writing Jan 30 SA Oral Presentation Jan 31 […]

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  • 23/01/2019 - karenkee

    G6 MSL on January 23

    1. Summative Assessment Preparation Suggestions: Step 1: Re-order the slides – organise them according to the contents you are going to present. Step 2: Type the Chinese scripts on each slide (notes). Step 3: Check the study guide for applying learned phrases and sentence structures. On-stage Presentation: Jan 28 & 30 2. WWPT Assessment Timeline Jan […]

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  • 21/01/2019 - karenkee

    G6 MSL on January 21

    1. Summative Assessment Preparation Finalise the WWPT Wong Chuk Hang Project Slide tonight Add details to individual page Decide on the Economic Activity and work on the proposal, telling what, why and how What is the selected Economic Activity that will meet people’s needs in Wong Chuk Hang Why do you select this specific economic […]

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  • 16/01/2019 - karenkee

    G6 MSL on January 16

    1. WWPT Study Guide (PDF) Review and practice Tomorrow quiz on recognition of the learned phrases be able to sound them out in Chinese pinying be able to write the English meaning 2. SA Rubrics for preparation (in google classroom) Follow the schedule and continue to work on the contents for presentation with details and be […]

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  • 14/01/2019 - karenkee

    G6 MSL on January 14

    *6D students absent today due to Homeroom field trip. Please follow the assignments below for review and practicing. Bring questions back on Wednesday for further discussion. 1. WWPT Study Guide (PDF) Review and practice 2. SA Rubric Please find it in your G6 MSL 1819 Google Classroom Please read carefully and start to prepare for the […]

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  • 07/01/2019 - karenkee

    G6 MSL on January 07

    A. WWPT Story 《互联网真有用》 1. Review phrases learned (Quizlet Study Set) able to read without pinyin and know the meaning 2. Read the story (without pinyin) aloud for fluency 3. Complete the exercises on workbook p. 6 and 7 bring questions back if any due on Jan 14 4. eBook is ready for downloading B. […]

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  • 17/12/2018 - karenkee

    G6 MSL on December 17

    1. WWPT Story phrases – sentence making and mini story writing Quizlet Study Set this is assigned in the Google Classroom type your own sentences and the mini story on the Google Slides please turn in this assignment online by next Tuesday 2. Reminder: Dumpling Eating Competition-Permission Letter please hand in the form to the Chinese […]

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