11/04/2019 - karenkee

G4 MSL on April 11

HWEO Story  1《一个广告》“An Advertisement” Home Learning Booklet

  • select your own learning task each day to work on (for approx. 20 minutes)
  • after completion, get your parent’s/tutor’s signature with a date.
  • This booklet is to be handed in on next Friday, along with any chosen and completed exercises (Book A, Book B, phrase Book or character writing booklet, Reading folder) for checking and marking.
  • Bring your questions back if any during your self-learning at home.
  • All the learning tasks in this Booklet are expected to be completed on May 10.

*Online Quizlet Study Sets for learning at home (QR codes are also available in the booklet for easy scan and access to the vocabulary lists)


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