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  • 05/12/2018 - karenkee

    G3 MSL on December 05

    1. Exercise Book Worksheet:Practice the sentence pattern “又…又” 2. Review the phrases learned for HTWW Story 《去中国看长城》 Flashcards (to be cut into pieces and kept at home for revision) Quizlet study set 3. Weekly Reading

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  • WWPT Story 《爸爸变了》 1. Review the learned phrases (Quizlet study set) 2. Practice to write the selected words in RED (Online Dictionary for checking the stroke order) 赚钱、造纸、公司、老板、越来越…、为红十字会工作、变成、重视、环保、担心、失望、捐衣服 3. Read the story for fluency、 4. Do the exercise on workbook p. 7

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  • 1. WWPT story《Mike 的爷爷》 Review phrases learned Continue to practice writing the selected words in RED     you may check the stroke order using this online dictionary recognise and know the meaning write by memory (Assessment on next Friday Dec 14) 3. Book A & B review the vocabs for “clothing”、”Transportation” and “Descriptive words” recognise and […]

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